Surficial Geology

& Mapping

Imaging & Mapping Earth's Surface

Topographic Mapping & Cartography

Watch Topographic Mapping

      • Introduction to Topographic Maps [Seth Horowitz/YouTube] 15 min
      • How to Make A Cross Section Graph [Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel/YouTube] 3 min
      • Determining the Contour Interval and Elevation [GVSU HSAG/YouTube] 1:30 min
      • GEL1010 Topo Maps and Contour Lines [EarthScience Education Channel/YouTube] 30 min

Satellite Imagery & Photogammetry

Landscapes & Geomorphology

Further Reading

    • Field Guide to Landforms of the United States by Shimer 551.4 S



Watersheds & Groundwater: Hydrology


    • Water Cycle (part1): Surface Water and Groundwater [faowater’s channel/YouTube] 1:40 min
    • 'Show Me The Water' [NASA Goddard] 2:50 min

The Ogallala Aquifer

Karst Topography, Spelunking & Caving


    • Welcome to Karstville [Gus Frederick/YouTube] 7 min
    • Cave Formation 3D Animation [Campydoodles/YouTube] 20 sec
    • Sinkhole in Louisiana Swallows Everything in sight … Amazing August 22, 2013 [GabeHashTV/YouTube] 4:30 min
    • An experimental approach to submarine canyon evolution [American Geophysical Union/YouTube] 1:30 min

Porosity, Permeability & Capillarity

Watch Porosity, Permeability, Capillarity

      • Water Movements in Soil [NRCS NSSC/YouTube] 3 min
      • Capillary water and how it can help to combat desertification [Goasis Waterboxx/YouTube] 3 min
      • Dishing The Dirt [NASA EarthMinute/YouTube] 1 min (importance of soil moisture)
      • Rock Porosity [SPEBUE IVL/YouTube] 2 min
      • 7.5 Porosity and Permeability [John Crisci/YouTube] 8 min
      • Exploring Sedimentary Processes (3 of 4) [GeologyLogic/YouTube] 3:45 min
      • Andrew Wheeler: How A Grain of Sand Rewrote our Ocean’s history [TEDxDublin/YouTube] 16 min
      • Saltating Sand Grains [AZGeol/YouTube] 1 min
      • Why is ALL sand the Same? [MinuteEarth/YouTube] 3 min
      • Sand under the microscope [GeologyLogic/YouTube] 4 min

Weathering & Soil Formation = Pedology

Further Reading

    • Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations by David Montgomery 631.4 M
    • Dirt: The Scoop on Soil by Natalie Rosinsky J 577.5 R
    • The Newman's Own Organics: Guide to a Good Life; Simple Measures that Benefit You and the Place You Live by Nell Newman 640 N
    • Killer Dust by Sarah Andrews
    • The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl Timothy Egan 978 E
    • Dust Bowl USA: Depression America and the Ecological Imagination, 1929 - 1941 by Brad Lookingbill 978 L

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy

Sands & Microfossils

Erosion & Deposition

Flowing Water - Fluvial Geology


      • 'Flow: For the Love of Water' and the 'Flow' Trailer Winner of Best Documentary at 2008 Vail International Film Festival
      • What is a meander - Geologist describes meandering streams, rivers and oxbow lakes [Discover the Ice Age Floods /YouTube] 3 min
      • Why do rivers curve? [MinuteEarth/YouTube] 3 min
      • How Wolves Change Rivers [Sustainable Human/YouTube] 4 min
      • River Erosion, Transport and [Wendy Van Norden/YouTube] 9:30 min
      • Sediment Deposition Social Science Class 10 [Scert Dilkush MP/YouTube] 30 sec

The Elwa River, Washington State (Elwha Dam, Glines Canyon Dam)


The Rio Grande

Johnstown, PA

Further Reading

    • A Dangerous Place by Marc Reisner 979.4 R (California)
    • Devastation on the Delaware by Mary Shafer
    • River of Ruin by Jack DuBrul
    • Inca Gold by Clive Cussler
    • Home Water Supply by Campbell 628.7 C
    • Freshwater by E.C. Pielou 551.4 P
    • The Big Thirst: The Secret Life and Turbulent Future of Water by Charles Fishman 333.91
    • When the Rivers Run Dry by Fred Pearce 333.91 P

Glaciers and Ice -- Glaciology

Watch Glaciology

      • Landforms formed by Glacial Erosion (Part 4 of 4) [Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel/YouTube] 6 min
      • Geologic Journey - 1 of 5 The Great Lakes [Fiona McHugh/YouTube] 53 min
      • Glacier Power [NatGeo/YouTube] 3.30 min
      • Mont Blanc Time Lapse [Peace/YouTube] 30 sec
      • Underneath a glacier time lapse [Peace/YouTube] 1 min
      • GPS Animation: Glaciers are retreating: How can we measure the full ice loss? [UNAVCOVIDEOS/YouTube] 4 min
      • Glaciers & Their Effects [SEG ASUSC/YouTube] 3 min
      • Losing Alaska [DotEarth with Andrew Revkin/YouTube] 1.5 min
      • ‘Chasing Ice’ captures largest glacier calving [ExposureLabs/YouTube] 4 min
      • Greenland Ice Sheet Changing [SpaceRip/YouTube] 4 min
      • 4 Things No One’s Telling You About The Coming Water World [NOVA PBS/YouTube] 2:30 min
      • Science Bulletins: Shrinking Glaciers – A Chronology of Climate Change [AMNH/YouTube] 8 min
      • Massive calving glacier creates monstrous wave that nearly sinks tourist boat. MSN Video: 'Iceberg Tsunami'. Accessed online 26 July 2012.

Mass Movements


        • Massive Landslide Caught on Tape 2016 [World News Channel/YouTube] 13 min

Wind & Aeolian Processes