ESRT: Video Notetaking

(drumroll, please) …. Introducing The ‘ESRT’

Video Notetaking 2019

Access You Tube, enable the Closed Captioning option for each video


    1. 3 min ** Scroll to page bottom for video
    2. Earth at night seen from space ISS (HD 1080p) ORIGINAL by sebastiansz 3 min
    3. NASA’s Earth Minute: Mission to Earth? by NASA EarthMinute 1 min (satellite technology)

Cover, ‘Radioactive Decay Data’

    1. How Does Radiocarbon Dating Work? Instant Egghead #28 by Scientific American 2 min
    2. What does the term half-life mean? by GRS/Deutschland 2 min
    3. Radioactive Dating by Seth Horowitz 15:01 min

Cover, ‘Specific Heats of Common Materials’

    1. Applications of High Specific Heat Capacity of Water by ilkenschool 4:55 min
    2. “WeatherWise” Sea/Land Breeze by Weathermichels 1:28 min

Cover, ‘Equations: Eccentricity’

    1. Solar System Dynamics: Orbits and Kepler's Laws by NASASolarSystem 7 min
    2. Understanding Kepler’s 3 Laws and Orbits by dcaulf 12:33 min
    3. Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation - Science in a Minute by ProjectSTEPUC 1.5 min
    4. What is a tide? YourPalHarry 2:08 min
    5. Fall and rise of the tide in the Bay of Fundy at Hall's Harbour, Nova Scotia - Time Lapse by Leo de Groot 1.5 min

Cover, ‘Equations: Gradient’

    1. Metric System: Units of distance/4th grade/Khan Academy
    2. Detailed Forecast Discussion – 1/22/2016 (**start at 1:30) Hudson Valley Weather 15 min
    3. Introduction to Topographic Maps by Seth Horowitz 15 min
    4. How to Make A Cross Section Graph by Darron Gedge’s Geography Channel 3 min (=profile)
    5. Determining the Contour Interval and Elevation by GVSU HSAG 1:30 min
    6. GEL1010 Topo Maps and Contour Lines by EarthScience Education Channel 30 min

Cover, ‘Equations: Rate of change’

    1. Big Idea 8: Natural Hazards Affect Humans American Geosciences Institute 5 min

Cover, ‘Equations: Density’

    1. Density – Animated Presentation by Animation Devastation 4:30 min (choose to mute)
    2. Generic Science Significant figures & Measurements EarthScience Education Channel 20 min
    3. Multiplying and dividing with significant figures | Decimals | Pre-Algebra | Khan Academy 10 min
    4. Scientific Notation: Introduction Tyler DeWitt 14 min
    5. Wind and Air Pressure by Sriddle8119 4:10 min

Cover, ‘Properties of Water’

    1. Big Idea 5: Earth is the Water Planet by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    2. Glacial Landforms Geoscience Videos 6 min
    3. Glacier Power NatGeo 3.30 min
    4. New Research and Forecast Model Simulates Sandy-type Storms NOAAVisualizations 1 min

Cover, ‘Ave. Chemical Composition of Earth’s Crust, Hydrosphere, and Troposphere’

    1. ESRT – Average Chemical Composition of Earth’s Crust, Hydrosphere, and Troposphere by Mike Sammartano 5:59 min
    2. Big Idea 3: Earth Systems Interact by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    3. Minerals & Earth’s Chemistry by Sean Fisher-Rohde 13:31 min

Cover, ‘NYS Fossil: Eurypterus remipes

    1. How a fossil is made - animation Osis by Shannon Ribbons 2 min
    2. How Fossils Are Formed by thesingingteranodon1 3 min
    3. What are Stromatolites? by Jamie Foster 2:14 min
    4. Rock and Fossil Correlation by Seth Horowitz 15:01 min
    5. Bill Nye The Science Guy S04E19 Fossils Robert Battles 25:43 min

p.2, ‘Generalized Landscape Regions of NYS’

    1. Hudson River Journeys – The Geology of the River by Jacob Tanenbaum 4:07 min
    2. Landscapes and Drainage Patterns by Mike Sammartano 7:35 min
    3. Exploring Landforms and Bodies of Water for Kids – FreeSchool 9:18 min
    4. Big Idea 9: Humans Change Earth by American Geosciences Institute 5 min

p.3, ‘Generalized Bedrock Geology of NYS’

    1. Latitude, Longitude & Time Zones clip xvid by Mr. Shadirjob 2 min
    2. Latitude & Longitude by Mike Sammartano 7:30 min
    3. Understanding Time Zones by Darrin Gedge 4 min

p.4, ‘Surface Ocean Currents’

    1. Bill Nye The Science Guy S02E09 Ocean Currents by Robert Battles 25:41 min
    2. NASA The Ocean: A Driving Force for Weather & Climate by NASAGoddard 6:00 min
    3. An experimental approach to submarine canyon evolution by American Geophysical Union (AGU) 1:30 min
    4. Ocean Particles Big & Small WoodsHoleOceanus 4 min
    5. The Gulf Stream Explained by Kurzgesagt- In A Nutshell 5:04 min
    6. This Incredible Animation Shows How Deep The Ocean Really Is by TechInsider 3:29 min

p.5, ‘Tectonic Plates’

    1. Big Idea 1: Earth Scientists Study Our Planet by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    2. What is a Hot Spot (Educational) by IRIS EPO 2 min
    3. Sea Floor Spreading & Magnetic Polarity Stripes by Mr. G 20 sec
    4. Paleomagnetism by Earth Rocks! 8 min
    5. Earth 100 Million Years from Now SpaceRip 3 min
    6. Divergent Boundary—Fast Spreading Ridge Educational IRIS EPO 1 mi
    7. Transform Fault—San Andreas IRIS EPO 30 seconds
    8. Convergent Margin—Subduction to Tsunami (Educational) IRIS EPO 1:15 min
    9. Animated Life – Pangaea / Op Docs / The New York Times 7:30 min
    10. Sea Floor Spreading & Plate Tectonic Evidence Alexandria Cellucci 2 min

p.6, ‘Rock Cycle in Earth’s Crust’

    1. What is the Rock Cycle / Chemistry for All / FuseSchool 5:09 min
    2. Rock Cycle by Mike Sammartano 4:24 min;
    3. Growing Super Salt Crystals - Time Lapse Photography - Experiment #2 : Slide-Lok SlideLoc 2 min

p.6, ‘Relationship of Transported Particle Size to Water Velocity’

    1. Big Idea 4: Earth Continually Changes by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    2. Kellick Creek Flash Flood; Sand Under The Microscope by GeologicLogic 4:27 min
    3. Underwater video of sediment transport in Akutan, Alaska by High Tide Exploration hightideexp 2:24 min
    4. Underwater 2 by Ken Mankoff 2:59 min
    5. Transportation of sediment in a river by Internet Geography 0:21 min

p.6, ‘Scheme for Igneous Rock Identification’

    1. Igneous Rocks ClickView AU/NZ 4 min
    2. 3 Types of Rocks and The Rock Cycle: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic – Free School 4:30 min
    3. Earth’s First Rocks NatGeo 3 min
    4. From atoms to rocks Geoscience3D 4 min
    5. Rocks and Minerals EarthScienceWesternAustralia 3:44 in
    6. Silicates Wendy VanNorden 10 min
    7. Introduction to Igneous Rocks by Mike Sammartano 5:34 min

p.7, ‘Scheme for Sedimentary Rock Identification’,

    1. Formation of Coal by Deeksha Tab 1:05 min
    2. Identifying Sedimentary Rocks Earth Rocks! 14 min
    3. Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks by Mike Sammartano 8:39 min

p.7, ‘Scheme for Metamorphic Rock Identification’

    1. Identifying Metamorphic Rocks Earth Rocks! 14 min
    2. Metamorphic Rocks Video by Mike Sammartano 3:59 min
    3. metamorphic rock - foliation by iamGlitzyGrace 0:19 min

p.8/9, The Beast. a.k.a. ‘Geologic History of NYS’

    1. Big Idea 2: Earth is 4.6 Billion Years Old by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    2. Big Idea 6: Life Evolves on Earth by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    3. The Beginning of Everything by Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell 5:54 min
    4. History of the Earth in 5 ½ Minutes by Margreet de Heer 5:26 min
    5. The Geological Timescale by CambrianScience 2:09 min

p.10. ‘Inferred Properties of Earth’s Interior’

    1. Layers of the Earth – How were they found? What are they? By IRIS EPO 6:30 min
    2. Everything you need to know about Planet Earth by Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell 7:21 min

p.11, ‘Earthquake P-Wave and S-Wave Travel Time’

    1. An Illustrated Guide to Reading A Seismogram USGS 4:26 min
    2. The Great Alaska Earthquake USGS 11:30 min
    3. Shadow Zones—Seismic waves Vs Light waves IRIS EPO 3 min
    4. Seismic waves infogenesisgr 1:30 min
    5. Epicenter Location 1.wmv by SpartanEarthScience 6:42 min
    6. Reading Travel-Time Curves (IRIS AOTM 9) IRIS EPO 1:40 min
    7. Seismic Tomography IRIS EPO 1:30 mi
    8. Determining the Epicenter Distance of an Earthquake by Michael Sammartano 4:08 min
    9. Earthquake Epicenter Triangulation by Michael Sammartano 3:39 min

p.12, ‘Dewpoint (0C)’ & also ‘Relative Humidity (%)’

    1. Calculating Relative Humidity & Dewpoint by Mike Sammartano 5:57 min

p.13, ‘Temperature’

    1. Temperature by Bozeman Science 4:30 min
    2. The Apparent Path of the Sun as Seen from New York State by Mike Sammartano 3:20 min
    3. ARticle: 'Looking for signs of global warming? They're all around you' by Seth Borenstein, AP, 19June 2018. ""

p.13, ‘Pressure’ a.k.a. Air or Barometric pressure

    1. Air Pressure Explained by Sc1648 4:30 min (play first minute only)
    2. Tempest in a Teapot: How Convection Brews a Storm by n3susn3b2 3:40 min
    3. Atmospheric Circulation by Mr. Smajda’s Class Video’s 23 min
    4. Why Does The Wind Blow? by It’s OK To Be Smart 3 min

p.13, ‘Key to Weather Map Symbols’

    1. Station Models by Michael Sammartano 12:37 min
    2. Weather Instruments by Michael Sammartano 3 min
    3. What are weather fronts? by Met Office 5:30 min
    4. Earliest Known BBC Weather Forecast (Autumn 1953) by Essex Weather & Flood Forecasting Centre 3 min
    5. AWESOME 3D Explanation on How Different Precipitation Types Form! by The Weather Channel 3 min

p.14, ‘Selected Properties of Earth’s Atmosphere’

    1. Layers of the by Mr. G 2:45 min
    2. Characteristics of the Atmosphere by iPhysical Science 9:42 min
    3. Massive Solar Storms NatGeo 4 min.
    4. Dance of the Spirits: Incredible Real Time Northern Lights from Jan 24 SolarStorm ingenioustv 5:30 min
    5. WHOA! Solar Magnetism It’s OK To Be Smart 2 min
    6. Sol CassioppeiaProject 1.5 min

p.14, ‘Planetary Wind and Moisture Belts in the Troposphere’

    1. The Jet Stream [720p] by Our Universe Visualized 30 sec
    2. How Does The Jet Stream Work? by KCRA News 4 min
    3. Minute: Blowin’ In The Wind by NASA EarthMinute 1 min
    4. Wind by Future360TV’s channel 3 min
    5. The Coriolis Effect by NOVA PBS Official 3 min
    6. What is the Jet Stream & How Does It Work? by Met Office 2 min
    7. Rainshadow Effect Discover the Ice Age Floods 4:30 min

p.14, ‘Electromagnetic Spectrum’

    1. Physics – Waves – The Electromagnetic Spectrum by expertmathstutor 4:18 min
    2. Heat Transfer by Mike Sammartano 4:50 min
    3. Origins of the Universe 101/National Geographic 5:49 min
    4. Essential Astronomy: The Electromagnetic Spectrum (720p) Documentary Tube 29 min
    5. Spectral Lines Demo by drdwittman 1.5 min
    6. Astronomy - spectroscopy - 3/3 by rhcrcgvp 8 min
    7. Spectral Lines by cassiopeiaproject 4 min
    8. Periodic Table by cassiopeiaproject 4 min

p.15, ‘Characteristics of Stars’

    1. Universe Scale & Structure by Mike Sammartano 9:03 min
    2. H-R Diagram animation by utexascnsquest 1.5 min
    3. The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained by Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell 5:50 min
    4. The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs and Black Dwarfs by Kurzgesagt 6:28 min
    5. Birth of A Star / Out There / The New York Times 3 min
    6. Largest star ever discovered, compared to our Sun Nebuchadnezzar 1.5 min
    7. How the Sun will die … and what happens to Earth Suhrith Bhattaram 1 min

p.15, ‘Solar System Data’

    1. Watch This Guy Build A Massive Solar System In The Desert – Short Film Showcase by National Geographic 7:21 min
    2. Rotation & Revolution by Mike Sammartano 6:09 min
    3. The Birth of the Moon – AWESOME HQ VIDEO Discovery Space Videos 2 min
    4. Where Did The Moon Come From? BBC 3 min
    5. NASA/Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary NASA Goddard 7 min
    6. Where Did The Moon Come From? - Do We Really Need the Moon? - Preview - BBC Two 3 min (not cc)

p. 16, ‘Properties of Common Minerals’

    1. The Dazzling Minerals Behind Modern Life NOVA PBS 2 min
    2. Weird Places: Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave SciShow 4 min
    3. Big Idea 7: Earth Provides Resources by American Geosciences Institute 5 min
    4. How It's Made Solar Panels How It's Made 6:15 min
    5. Identifying Minerals by Mike Sammartano 8:33 min