Lívia Menezes

I have recently completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Leicester, UK.

My research interests are in applied microeconometrics focusing on public policy analysis related to crime, education, health and labour.

My thesis is on the economics of crime. I use Brazilian administrative data to provide new estimates on the cost of crime using georeferenced data on the universe of homicides in Brazil. In the first chapter, which is also my job market paper, I investigate how exposure to crime affects students' performance at school. In the second chapter, I estimate the effect of criminal victimisation during gestation on birth outcomes. In the final chapter, I investigate how criminal victimisation affects the labour market performance of public sector employees.

The papers of my thesis can be found on the Cost of Crime Project website.

I am also currently working as a research associate on an ESRC project on Dengue Fever and Human Capital Formation.