Live Well International ®  

Welcome to Live Well International®, a marketing company dedicated to promoting health and wellness worldwide. As a subsidiary of Rothschild Wellness Institute®, we are proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a GDP World Health Organization certified organization. Our global health approach has allowed us to reach more than 83 countries, and our patented formulas and Anti-Counterfeit Serialization technology are recognized for their quality and safety. 

We hold a Registered Trademark® in Class 5 and are committed to sustainable development, as evidenced by our support of United Nations SDG 17. Our ESG certification further demonstrates our commitment to responsible business practices. 

We take pride in our affiliations with prestigious organizations such as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's IFBB Arnold Sports Festival and the Junior Mr. Olympia competition, and we are proud to work with brand ambassadors who have contributed to our success in the health and fitness industry. 

Our utilization of Twin Digital Technology and the Digital Metaverse Sport Experience helps us further promote health and wellness in innovative ways. We are committed to promoting global standards for quality healthcare and look forward to continuing our work in this important area.

"Live Well International®" is celebrating our commitment to promoting health and wellness worldwide, and our affiliation with the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seen in this photo is Dr. Michael Rothschild MD, taking a moment to visit Arnold's childhood home in Graz, Austria, a reminder of the impact Arnold has had on the health and fitness industry and our dedication to continuing his legacy."

📌An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

📌An GDP World Health Organization Cert

📌Global health approach to 83+ countries

📌Anti-Counterfeit Serialization technology

📌Global standard for quality health care

📌 An ESG Certified Organization 

📌Develops several patented formulas

📌 Registered Trademark ® Class 5

📌 A Sustainable Development Brand

📌 Supports United Nations SDG 17 

📌 Utilising Twin Digital Technology 

📌 Digital Metaverse Sport Experience 

"Live Well International® promoting health and wellness worldwide with our quality promotional and gift items, showcased globally. Pictured here is Live Well Youth brand ambassador Vera Margolin proudly representing our brand."

Trademarks Registry Intellectual Property Department 

"Live Well International® and Live Well Pharmaceuticals® are leading the way in global health and wellness with our range of services under the Live Well brand." "Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in our registered trademarks at the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong, as seen in the photo."

"Live Well International® at the forefront of promoting health and wellness worldwide, participating in top sport events and international conferences to share our expertise and commitment to quality healthcare."

"Live Well International® brand ambassador and IFBB Bikini Pro Priscilla Leimbacher showcasing our commitment to promoting health and wellness at the Arnold Classic and Olympia events."