Your your own live steam loco

Take A Love Of Trains To A New Level With Garden Locomotives

Steam locomotives were first invented 1803, and they revolutionized the process of traveling or shipping items over long distances. People of all ages are enamored by the sheer beauty, power, and engineering behind a Live Steam Locomotive, which is why it remains an exhilarating hobby that provides an unending source of entertainment. The production of smaller-scale steam engines has created even additional interest and allows a person to take to the tracks and control their very own Garden Railway.

Select a Fuel Source

Trains of old were usually powered by coal, which burned and created the steam needed to power the engine. Newer models now come in two different styles, with some offering the convenience of running on standard diesel fuel and others that still rely on coal. Both provide the same power and will transport several riders at one time throughout a garden track system and provide hours of endless enjoyment.

Add Passenger Cars

When most people think of a passenger car, they envision stepping inside and taking a seat, but garden models are usually equipped with smaller cars that have a bench located on the top. Footrests, usually situated on each side, make the ride comfortable and help keep a person's feet from making contact with the track or any debris that's nearby. A smaller-scale train will usually travel at speeds under five miles per hour, which ensures a safe and peaceful journey.

Create a Dedicated Track

The key to enjoying a small-scale working locomotive is to create a track that takes riders on a tour of the various gardens and flower beds that are on display safely. Though most trains are capable of climbing hills, it is best to keep the track level to ensure the most comfortable riding experience and to prevent excess use of fuel. Live Steam Australia has a wide selection of quality track accessories that will allow anyone to create a dedicated railway system that any locomotive will traverse easily.

Individuals that enjoy working with model trains often choose to take their fascination of locomotives to new levels of enjoyment with 5-inch and 7-1/4 inch gauge models. Live Steam Australia has a vast selection of passenger models that will transform any yard or garden into a whimsical retreat. Explore the range of large-scale trains that are capable of hauling passengers of any size, and become a private conductor of a personalized railway. A quick look at the site will provide a wealth of information.