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Proactive Defense Network (tm)

In production sine 2004, serving a broad audience of goverment, large business, and some small organizations. The PDN fundamentally changes your company's cyber defenses for the better. Starting with the re-capture of most of your security staff's time. The PDN units allow you to proactively block known aggressors without significant network performance loss. The PDN technology empowers the security staff to take their feeds and stop all of the known aggressors instead of an expensively selected few. How many? Millions of aggressors may be proactively blocked without any noticeable performance impact.

This changes the day-to-day operations of your security staff. No longer do they spend the majority of their time trying to analyze what known hostile actors may attack their networks. Now their time is spent using the attack data to shore up their defenses. Driven by actual atacks, seeing every one of them, and using the data to perfect your company's defenses.

The future is now, the benefits are profound, the savings are real.

Find the hidden breaches and remove them

Digital Forensic Audit

Every company knows there are likely active breaches ongoing on their systems. The difficulty is taht they are nearly impossible to find... until it is too late. User related poor decisions, inadequate defense technologies, and lagging reactions to new threats make the job of your cyber security professionals nearly impossible.

Solving the problem requires a comprehensive audit of your company's systems. This was normally unbearably costly. It required a super human effort to complete, and had only temporary benefits.

Our Digital Forensic Audit is completed quickly with automation, minimal network / system impacts, and may even be left in place as a host intrusion defensive system (HIDS).

Conducting an audit is fast, easy, and with minimal impact. The cost per system can be as low as under $25.00 / system. Our methodology is more thorough, less invasive, and more effective.

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