Win your cyber war with truly proactive defense.

Cyber warfare is advancing beyond anybody's capacity to adapt.

New threats evolve at ever faster speeds and impact you with ever greater consequence.

The talent shortage of capable cyber warriors is real. AI alone does not actually solve anything and may leave you blind to ongoing threats until is is too late.

So what can you do?

Join the Proactive Defense Network!

LiveSquare Security continues to advance and evolve the Proactive Defense Network*, a global collaboration for mutual defense. It is a real time, fault tolerant, and highly advanced neural computing defense grid.

The PDN* uses heuristic, patterned, and other methods of threat identification to quickly identify and proactively stop attackers. It then collaborates in real time to achieve a truly collaborative and defensive computing grid. The truly real time, automated, and dynamic system able to operate under the most extreme conditions. It is a fusion of human and AI collected threat intelligence. The threat intelligence has a global presence, is operating 24x7, and includes data from places impossible to reach by others.

The Proactive Defense Network unites the defense of your networks and public cloud instances into a single stream of consciousness. This enables your company to be effective in dealing with relentless and well resourced threats.

In short, we are winning the cyber war, .and we invite you to join us in our global collaboration for mutual defense.

Implementation comes in the form of an appliance and software in the cloud. Regardless of the power of the operating system and relevant hardware. We even work of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The PDN unites all of your infrastructure / presences into a single stream of consciousness. We join that consciousness into a learning machine that has been fighting, and remembering, since 2004. This fully integrated, highly knowledgeable, and ever growing ecosystem solves many problems plaguing companies today. It is the answer.

Join us today, and end your cyber war: with a victory!

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