Chang Liu

2019-2020 Job Market Candidate

Address: 1180 Observatory Drive #7222, Madison, WI 53706, USA.

Email: chang.liu AT

Phone: +1 (608) 886-7658

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'm on the 2019-2020 job market, and available for interviews at the CICE in Beijing, the European Job Market in Rotterdam and ASSA Meeting in San Diego.

My research broadly focuses on macro, monetary, international and macro-finance. Recently, I've been particularly interested in approaching macroeconomic questions from a regional perspective. In my job market paper, I study the impact of regional risk on aggregate fluctuations and how federal fiscal policy effectively undoes it in a fiscal union.

Here is my CV .


Noah Williams (Primary): nwilliam AT | +1 (608) 263-3864

Charles Engel: cengel AT | +1 (608) 262-3697

Kim Ruhl: ruhl2 AT | +1 (512) 299-3126