Recycling the hard-to-recycle in Littleton, MA

Keep in mind:   Since TerraCycle's "brigade/categories" are sponsored by the companies who make the products, it matters more what the plastic used to hold, rather than the *type* of plastic it is.  So while we cannot accept packaging for batteries, we *can* accept packaging for toothbrushes, which is often the same type of plastic.  This can be confusing, because in regular recycling we're conditioned to think about the *type* of plastic; For Terra-Cycling, we need to think more about *what the container used to hold*.  Thank you!

What to recycle: (please check regularly - this list changes as TerraCycle both adds and *removes* programs.  Last updated: 11/16/2023 - no more food storage containers accepted)



The items below are brand-specific.  For these items, PLEASE do not leave brands which are not specified below, as they will be thrown away.

Please do NOT leave the following: (disposing of these costs us both time and money)