We will once again be limiting our CSA to 10 members. We are also only going to offer one type of share at $200, plus $30 if you want home delivery and $30 if you want an egg add-on (one dozen per share). As a thank you to previous members any previous member (1st or 2nd season) will get a $30 discount. We are shooting for the boxes being at least equivalent to full shares, but this year we will be doing every other week instead of every single week and the standard share will be a Sunday drop off to a near-Eastside Madison location (TBD) or the farm in Baraboo.

We will still have the veggie preference system and free composting add-on. Our plan is to do 10 weeks (so, across roughly an 18-week span). If things go really well, hopefully we can even get to 11!

In the past we have tried to grow lots of all of the varieties that piqued our interest. It wasn’t realistic though given our experience-level and available time to think we can grow A) lots of varieities B) with high quality C) in generous quantities. We’ve decided to focus more on varieities we really like, you all seem to like, and we feel are “easier” to grow for us and do so with the quantity that we can generously fill shares with. Check out the specific box make-ups we're hoping for this year on our What We Grow page!

As always we're also offering the following alternative forms of exchange:

Collaboration Share: Come spend some time playing farm with us and we'll send you home with some veggies! Talk to us about when it might work for you to regularly come out to the farm (as little as 3-4 hours at a time), and we'll coordinate a weekly (or biweekly, or otherwise flexible) schedule.

Barter Share: Don't have your wealth stored in dollars, and want to trade for some veggies? Make us an offer! No guarantees, and since places (like those who handle our mortgage) insist we pay them with money, we're counting on most people choosing the traditional options.

Click here for information on our Preferred Veggie System we're using to adjust individual boxes to CSA member preferences.

Click here for information about our free composting add-on.

Curious why we're bothering when dollar cheeseburgers exist? Great question! Brad gave some reasons at the bottom of each 2018 newsletter.

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Don't know what the heck a CSA is (how did you find us, out of curiosity?) Click here for information.

2020 CSA is sold out!

Thank you to everyone who signed up--we are so happy to see all of the interest and support for healthy, ecologically sound, locally grown food!

We do plan to increase our CSA membership capacity in the future so please check back in future years! We are limiting to 10 members this year to ensure we can generously provide for each member and b/c of our off-farm jobs we have a limited amount of time (and transplants at this point) we can devote to this.

If you are still looking for a CSA farm, Orange Cat Community Farm is a local Sauk County farm that has helped us out in the past and that we can heartily recommend. Laura's a more experienced grower than we are and her shares reflect that. Besides getting a great value in healthy food, its a local farm you can definitely feel good about supporting!