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When “outdoors” of her covered wagon Riz-zira is constantly shrouded from view. The coarse burlap cloak two sizes too large for her frail body, not much of anything can be seen of the character herself. If one happened to to be close enough to peek into the enveloping hood they still would be denied much satisfaction, most of her features hidden beneath the blindfold.


Innate - Physical wounds inflicted on the Liniah will manifest on that of Soh-Lus (her Nin), Soh-Lus therefore taking the brunt of damage and weakening depending on the amount of damage done. The weaker Soh-Lus becomes the more the appearance of the Riz-zira changes her skin/eyes dulling as if her energy or force was draining. This would also affect her strength and or concentration with spells as well.

Elemental - Can create elemental armor to aid and protect her Nin mostly defensive spells drawing from the elements around her. Her bond with the Nin greatly determines the strength of of her magic, the farther or longer she is from her Nin the weaker her magic becomes.

Non-Elemental - With the aid of music (usually that of a harp, although other instruments may be used) she can create visual pathways that only she and her Nin can see. These pathways lead to other Nins and she uses this to assist her fellow Liniah who have lost or become separated from their Nins. As with her elemental magic this also ties into the distance and time away from her Nin, the further or longer they are seperated the less of an impact the music makes at times falling flat and doing little to no effect.

Magical Harp - When in possession of her Harp her Non-Elemental magic is enhanced. In her homeland of Nyx she uses her harp as part of their celebrations and rituals to the Goddess Nirni creating a beautiful display of lights that reach to the stars above (Aurora Borealis). The harp also has the ability to fully lull beasts/some beast-like humanoids into slumber or compliance (non played characters).

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