Photo Gallery

This gallery should contain the images used in your presentation. At least 5 images from scholarly source such as:

Edward Stanford Ltd., Cartographer. The battle fronts of Europe. [London: Stanford's Geographl. Estabt., or 1918 London: Roberts & Leete Ltd, or 1918, 1917] Map. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

Briefly describe each image after the citation. At least one of your images should be a map. Make sure to explain how the image relates to your topic. This image shows a map of the European battlefronts superimposed over a map of the United States. This is being used to demonstrate how large of an area the troops were distributed across and to provide a sense of scale to Americans unfamiliar with European geography.

Official photograph taken on the British Western Front in France. German prisoners in batches of 1,000 arriving at a prisoners of war cage. [Between 1916 and 1918] Image. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, <>.

This photograph shows how many prisoners of war were being captured at on the western front during the war. It also shows how prisoners were transported.