linguistics in schools transatlantic educational network

The LISTEN! initiative is a network of educators working in schools and universities across Europe and the USA with an interest in developing Linguistics-oriented curricula and resources for primary/secondary (K-12) schools.

We seek to promote the study of Linguistics in Schools (LiS) because we believe that language awareness and the scientific study of human language and linguistic diversity represent fundamental knowledge about what it means to be 'human', and offer a new way of approaching that understanding.

Because Linguistics (or the "Language Sciences") as a discipline straddles the humanities, social and natural sciences, the subject appeals to a wide range of students and offers the opportunity to develop a diverse toolkit with a range of academic and non-academic applications.

The purpose of the network is to provide an opportunity for dialogue between educators and researchers around the world to share our findings and best practice; to find colleagues and collaborators; to discuss and develop LiS initiatives; and to build a movement that works towards our common goal of bringing Linguistics to everyone.

We welcome educators and researchers from around the world to join our network and become part of the movement. We also welcome policymakers and other key stakeholders who would like to be involved in making Linguistics in Schools a reality.