Listen to the Universe!

Tuesday 4 July – Sunday 9th July | London

One hundred years after Einstein predicted them, scientists have finally detected Gravitational Waves – and this has been hailed as the scientific breakthrough of the century. They used the most sensitive scientific instruments ever built to detect them, called ‘twin Advanced LIGO interferometers’. This new field of gravitational-wave astronomy is already revealing remarkable new insights about our universe, confirming that black holes not only exist, but that they can collide and merge together, releasing vast amounts of gravitational-wave energy.

Hands-on at the exhibit

  • Come and explore the remarkable technology underpinning these detectors, capable of measuring tiny displacements equivalent to a million millionth the width of a human hair!
  • Find out how a laser interferometer works, and how the LIGO interferometers achieve their remarkable sensitivity using state-of-the-art technology
  • Become a ‘black hole hunter’ and listen to the sounds of spacetime, using our interactive computer games
  • Explore how gravity warps the fabric of spacetime and how black hole collisions send ripples across the cosmos

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