Long island science olympiad invitational

Saturday, December 8, 2018

kellenberg memorial high school

1400 glenn curtiss road, uniondale, ny

invy coordinator

Matthew Christiansen, Ed.D.

KMHS site coordinator

Bro. Nigel Pratt

c division coordinator

Arth Naik

b division coordinator

Ramya Kumar


  • *NEW: Students should report to the building events at the beginning of the time block and be expected to go when the event supervisor calls their particular team. With the number of teams attending, many building event time slots are quite full, so we need everyone's cooperation so that the building event blocks do not run over. Please also note that the ventilation in the gym cannot be turned off.
  • *NEW: When calculating final team ranks, the top 20 events will count toward the team total. The lowest three events will be dropped. We have historically done this in the past because we understand that many teams do not have some fully functioning building events and/or scheduling concerns being the tournament is held relatively early.
  • *NEW: Please be sure that laptops for Astronomy are fully charged in advance of the event. There will not be capability for students to plug in their computers in the event room.
  • *NEW: The cafeteria options can be found here.
  • *NEW: Mission Possible and Roller Coaster will be closed events. No spectators will be allowed in the event space. Please be sure to notify all students and parents that the only spectator events at the tournament will be in the Gym (EL Glider, Wright Stuff, Battery Buggy, and Mousetrap Vehicle) and Auditorium (Boomilever). Spectators must remain in the designated areas for viewing and not approach the testing area. Any non-competing student or adult in the testing area will be given an interference penalty to their A team.
  • Every team must bring at least one coach to help run events, so schools with two teams must have at least two coaches to assist. Each school needs to bring one additional adult over the age of 21, not assigned to help assist with events, to supervise the team home base. Failure to have a designated coach or adult in an event or in the team home base will result in a 50 point penalty to the team final score; teams will also not be permitted to participate in future invitational tournaments.
  • Registration is now closed. If you would like to be considered for the waitlist, please go to the Forms page to fill out the Waitlist Form.
  • Registration invoices were sent out at the beginning of September to those teams initially registered for the tournament. Payment, in the form of check only, must be received by Bro. Nigel Pratt at Kellenberg Memorial High School no later than October 31st. Failure to pay the registration fee on a timely fashion will result in the removal of the school from the tournament.
  • New York State trial events will not be run. We will be focusing on ensuring that the 23 national events are ran well for all of our attending teams. As with last year, the NYS trial events will not count toward team placement, so we have decided to focus on the events that will.
  • Each attending team must be formally registered with their home state office. We are required to check official registration status for all teams in attendance as per National Science Olympiad regulations. Failure to complete formal state registration (with any separate required registration fees) by November 9th will result in your school's removal from the LISO Invy.
  • Event Supervision assignments can be found on the Schedule page. To participate, most schools have been assigned as an event supervisor. This requires the assigned school to write, run, and grade all components of that particular event. In order to make these assignments, we take into consideration your indicated preferences on the registration form, as well as the needs of filling all 23 national events. Those schools not assigned to event supervision will be required to assist in the proctoring of events. The Proctoring Assignments can be found on the Schedule page.
  • A national schedule was followed as closely as possible. Due to space considerations and the needs of the tournament, there have been some slight modifications from the national schedule for both Division B and Division C; however, the number of conflicts from the national schedule should be minimized from all attending schools. Group numbers for events have been organized based on team numbers, and the designated assignments can be found on the bottom of the schedule for each division.
  • The Kellenberg cafeteria will be open starting at 9:30am to serve food for the tournament. Due to the size of the tournament, it is impossible for the coordinators to pre-order pizzas as we have done in the past; however, students may bring money to purchase food from the cafeteria, or schools may elect to coordinate with local vendors on their own.
  • Students will be assigned wristbands to be worn throughout the tournament. Wristbands will be distributed during morning registration. Please note that events start promptly at 8am, so please ensure that your teams have plenty of time to get settled and acclimated before the invitational begins! The doors at Kellenberg will open at 6:30am to allow plenty of time for teams to get registered and for teams assigned to events with an impound to get settled into their event spaces before students come with their devices.
  • Please note that we have gone digital for many of the forms to help save some trees and to also streamline the registration process. The Code of Conduct and Publicity Release must be completed through the Google Form on the Forms page. The final Team Registration will also be submitted electronically. The only paper copies that will be needed are the signed Vandalism Form from the school principal and copies on file of the Medical Forms for each student participant and non-participant in attendance (will be checked at registration). Coaches should also have a medical form on file for adults in case of a medical emergency.
  • Coaches can monitor their students' completion of the Code of Conduct and Publicity Release forms. Use the folowing links for Division C and Division B to ensure all students have their forms done before the deadline. The forms are sorted by school number, so it is essential that your students input the correct team number, especially for those schools bringing two teams!
  • Our ambitious hope is to have the award ceremonies start as close to 5pm as possible with the goal for the invitational to be complete by 6pm. With the size of the tournament, the end-time will be fluid, but the 6pm time frame should hopefully assist you with any planning that needs to happen with transportation. Please be sure to have your buses available to evacuate your team home base by 4:30pm so that tournament personnel can check your classroom for cleanliness at that time.
  • Please note the following guidelines when writing and supervising your events (both divisions):
      1. Building events will be scored using Regionals level rules.
      2. Written events may cover topics designated in the States level rules, but questions at that level should not exceed 20% of exam.
      3. "Hybrid" events (i.e. thermodynamics) may follow these guidelines for each respective portion of the event (building/written).