Episode IX

The 2016 occurred from 20-22 October at the The Elks Lodge in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We presented 47 Official Selections from five categories (drama, comedy, animation, documentary and horror, 30 mins or less.)

Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions hosted the presentation of the Official Selections for Horror.

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The 2016 Official Selections

2016 GRAND PRIZE & Best Horror


by Conscian Morgan

20m, Horror, United Kingdom

A horrifying thriller set in present day London that exploits the imperfect home life of Eugene; a blood donor by profession whose attempts to keep his sick mother alive isolate him from his work and the outside world.

Best Comedy

The Death of Rasputin by Adam Hall

A modern, comedic retelling of the true story of the horribly executed assassination of Grigori Rasputin in Russia in 1916. (20m, USA)

Best Drama

The Telegram Man by James Francis Khehtie

The impact of World War II on a close-knit Australian farming community. (14m, Australia)

Best Animation

Sisters by David Chontos

Part exercise of passion, and part love letter, ‘Sisters’ is a fragment of some lost, tragic opera. Trapped in the ruins of their former glory, a pair of performers bound together and abandoned by time rise up to sing once more. (4m, USA)

Best Documentary

Unbreakable by Rebecca Kirwan

Unbreakable is a short documentary portrait focusing on a charismatic young lady Jodie Owen, born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Unbreakable is a story that will stay with you well after the credits have ceased. (15m, Australia)

Best Home Grown

Carry Me Home by Joshua Henry

The true story of Maria Ennals and her family. Maria is a young mother trapped in slavery who seizes the opportunity to escape when she encounters Harriet Tubman in the woods. Is freedom worth the price they must pay to obtain it? (23m, Drama)

Best Actor - Austin Pendleton

Starring Austin Pendleton by Gene Gallerano

'The most famous actor you've never heard of.' We follow Austin as he reflects on his life and craft, while his A-list peers discuss his vast influence and dogged determination, and what it means to be an original in today's celebrity obsessed world. (18m, USA)

1-0 by Saman Hosseinpuor 1m, Drama, Iran
A barber started cutting a boy’s hair while watching a soccer game on television.
86-32 by Randy Wilkins 14m, Documentary, USA
86 - 32 is the story of 19 year old boxing Olympian Roy Jones Jr and the harrowing lesson that all that glitters ain't gold.
A Bumpy Ride by Chang Shu 3m, Animation, USA
A small girl tries to get onto a roller coaster with a height requirement.
A Salute to Honor by Joshua Norman, John Kangas, Daniel Joel Deal 32m, Documentary, USA
The story of three men from West Michigan who sacrificed personal dreams to fight a common enemy in WWII. A Salute to Honor shares how the war in Europe permanently altered the course of their lives.
Adaptationby Bartosz Kruhlik25m, Drama, Poland
Adaptation: 1. Structural or functional evolution of an organism towards higher survivability. 2. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and more resistant to outer stress. 3. The ability of eyesight to adjust to seeing in the dark.
Any Day Nowby Albert Uria20m, Drama, Spain
When Jeff’s girlfriend Kate breaks up with him because he’s tooimmature to “understand” her strange and terminal illness, hepurchases a coffin and keeps it in the living room of the apartmenthe shares with his mother to prove he can master the lessons of mortality.
Baits and Hooks by Luka Popadić 10m, Comedy, Serbia
A black comedy in the style of the Czech New Wave. Two workers of an old factory face the transition from socialism to capitalism. Friendship and cooking but also about a generation of workers who have to deal with the change.
Bernie and Rebeccaby Melissa Kent15m, Comedy, USA
Bernie and Rebecca's first date is about to end but somehow aconnection is made. Over a glass of wine, they imagine a life of dating, marriage, children, parenthood, infidelity and divorce. It's an imperfect life that just may turn out to be perfect.
Black In Red Outby Monica Suriyage14m, Horror, USA
BLACK IN RED OUT is a commentary on the pressures of hook up culture among young people. Sometimes we are so worried about meeting expected social standards that we lose sight of what our real priorities should be.
Bulmus (Caught in the Net)by Ariel Weisbrod9m, Comdey, Israel
Nathan finished working on the most important project of his lifeand he is trying to upload the file, but the neighbor's child is stealinghis Wifi connection and prevents him from doing so.
Cain's Shadowby Antonio De Palo30m, Drama, Italy
November 5th, 2025. Western metropolis. Young inspector Abel is grappling with the umpteenth disappearance: Angela, a 9-year-old girl, of whom there has been no news for two days.
Central Market 125by Andrea Campbell14m, Documentary, USA
Produced to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the LancasterCentral Market structure that houses this famous farmers market chartered by King George and in operation since 1730.
Drawn to Fearby Daniel Robinette8m, Horror, USA
A single woman has procured a rare book under strange circumstances. Little does she know that the book has a life of it's own - drawing out the fears of those who possess it. Hope struggles to figure out the meaning of the book before it's too late.
Extra Cheese Pleaseby Teresa Dabback15m, Comedy, USA
Annie throws her foreign exchange student an unwanted birthday party. A chance encounter supercharges the party.
Happy Birthday Kevinby John Psathas2m, Comedy, USA
At 15, Kevin risks it all for a shot at greatness.
Home Invasion for the Holidaysby Teddy Robinson8m, Comedy, USA
A freshly divorced mom and her daughter foil a dimwitted burglar'splans by using subterfuge and prescription drugs.
I Know Where The Bodies Areby Max Phillips5m, Comedy, USA
A true friend will help you hide a body. But what happens to thatfriendship when things don't go quite as planned?
Karma's Shadowby Rob Underhill26m, Drama, USA
John "JW" Walker serves a tour in Vietnam, forging what will belifelong bonds with fellow US soldier, Billy Preston. He discoversboth love and tragedy. Years later, their lives take them to an epicbattle of fate’s connections.
Kookieby Justin Harding13m, Horror, Canada
Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying visitor after aparenting lesson goes horribly wrong.
Limboby Olivia Bickel35m, Documentary, USA
After risking their lives to escape injustice and pursue a better life inEurope, several dozen migrants from West Africa have foundthemselves trapped in a web of Italian bureaucracy.

Money Timeby Ludovic Houplain11m, Animation, France
It all begins as a marvelous fairy tale. Silent mechanical monstersconverge toward a military base. A strange orbital spaceflight isbeing prepared.
Moon of Sleepless Nightby Takeshi Yashiro25m, Animation, Japan
When the moon gets stuck in a tree and leaves the town in eternalnight, a Squirrel of the Moon and a young boy of the forest embarkon a journey to help free the moon.
Mr. Dentonnby Ivan Villamel9m, Horror, Spain
On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runsLaura's body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.
O Christmas Treeby Darren Hutchings14m, Drama, Canada
Carolers out to spread Christmas cheer get more than theybargained for at Mabel's house.
One Hoopsby Alexander Monelli15m, Documentary, USA
Jenny Hill unleashes her imagination on Lancaster with some hula hoops and a little bit of creativity. This documentary tells the story of Jenny Hill, a circus-style, multi-hoop performer, as we follow her life for 6 months
“Parade” de Satieby Koji Yamamura15m, Animation, Japan
A Parade for 3 managers & 4 performers. Mixing quotes fromFrench composer Erik Satie’s essays with the music Parade, this is an animated re-creation of realist ballet images going beyondreality.
Rabbit Bloodby Yagmur Altan5m, Animation, USA
Just an ordinary day at an old mysterious Turkish country housewhere its residents have an extraordinary way of brewing tea.
Roller Coasterby Bradley Hawkins15m, Comedy, USA
Emily encounters 'Murphy's Law' while on the way to a potentiallycareer-making audition. Filmed on location in Los Angeles, RollerCoaster pays homage to the wild-eyed adventures of those crazyenough to pursue their dreams in a city designed to filter out thefaint of heart.
Signby Andrew Keenan-Bolger15m, Drama, USA
'SIGN' is a short film that tells, through vignettes, music, and signlanguage, the story of a relationship between Ben, a hearing man, and Aaron, who is deaf.
The Last Place I Saw Itby Zachary Reese & Dustin Stuppy9m, Drama, USA
While searching for a missing object, a man reminisces aboutsentimental items from his past that are no longer with him. TheLast Place I Saw It is a meditation on loss and our attachment tothe material world.
The Last Transmissionby Bryan Jones18m, Drama, USA
Based on a true story about a young Cessna pilot and an aging air traffic controller whose lives collide one fateful night in and over Roswell, New Mexico.
The Learning Allianceby Muhammad Umar Saeed9m, Documentary, Pakistan
Three brothers who are changing their future by studying and at thesame time selling garbage in Lahore, Pakistan. The LearningAlliance is a portrait of children with dreams and their struggletowards achieving it.
The Long Blue Lineby John Spencer10m, Documentary, USA
A documentary about LifeCycles, a ministry dedicated to buildingyoung men of character. Lifecycles allows teen boys a chance to achieve goals beyond what they thought possible. In 2015, the boys were challenged to ride from Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls, NY, almost 300 miles away.
The Nestby Stewart Bradley8m, Horror, USA
Three teens explore an abandoned tunnel looking for historical treasures but instead find a dark secret.
The Storyby Carolyn Pender & Cameron Dingwall11m, Drama, USA
When Simon returns home from school, he finds the pieces of apuzzle that will unravel the mystery of his parents murder.
Thornbirdby Jonathan Stutzman9m, Drama, USA
An experimental fairy-tale about a young girl who is transported intoa dreamworld after finding a magic mask.

Through The Nightby Drew Leary14m, Drama, USA
Liam is a retired soldier who can't sleep through the night. Cara, hisfiance, tries to use her passion and care to create a connection that could begin a new chapter in their life and relationship.
Tokyo Cosmoby Takahiro Miyauchi5m, Animation, Japan
Living alone in Tokyo, a woman struggles to fights the stress of her monotonous job and the loneliness of the city each day. One day, her toy pig awakens to send her into a magical world.
Treasure Nestby Meng-Chwen (JOY ) Tien6m, Animation, USA
The adventures of Blue a cat-like creature in search of hidden riches. Along his way Blue discovers a bird-like creature named Peanut who he reluctantly brings along in hopes that she will be the key to unlocking the treasure.
Valerie and Veronicaby Mary Rooney3m, Animation, USA
Veronica is a young witch with a curse, at any moment she couldturn into a huge monster. Valerie has no