Episode VII

The 2015 occurred from 12-14 November at The Ware Center, Zoetropolis Film & Art, and The Elks Lodge in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We presented 48 Official Selections from five categories (drama, comedy, animation, documentary and horror, 40 mins or less.)

Mike Lombardo of Reel Splatter Productions hosted the presentation of the Official Selections for Horror. Brian Keene's Fast Zombies Suck! was included as a Special Selection.

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The 2015 Official Selections

GRAND PRIZE & Best Drama

Carne de Gaviota (Seagull Meat)

by Felipe Espinosa

Spain | Drama | 25m

Roberto, Susana and Marc shipwrecked in a desert beach located somewhere in the world. The beach won't only be witness of a physical survival, their relationship will bring them to subsist emotionally and to discover who they are.

Best Animation

Atomic Robo Last Stop by Joseph Krzemienski

Atomic Robo and his team of Action Scientists are dispatched to intercept a strange anomaly detected in an abandoned Soviet weapons depot. It's a race against time to find the source before it falls into the exo-suited grip of Nazi super scientist, Helsingard. USA | 12m

Best Comedy

The Moving Picture Co. 1914 by Mark Kirkland

One hundred years ago in a long forgotten movie studio Ellen, a silent era actress, seeks work in a studio where everything goes wrong. USA | 22m

Best Horror

Invaders by Jason Kupfer

A pair of home invaders consider their potential character choices just prior to their planned invasion. USA | 6m

Honorable Mention

No Child by Rob Underhill

A film about growing up, and the power of growing together. It explores our inner passions, becoming inspired to be responsible, and the ability in us all to overcome our disadvantages... and our demons.

USA | Drama | 40m

Best Documentary & Best Home Grown

Man With Puppet by Alexander Monelli

Enter a world of puppets, musical theater, and some quirky magic in this little character piece. A short documentary telling the story of Robert Brock and his Hole In The Wall Puppet Theatre in Lancaster, PA. 9 m

Best Actor - Mitsuru Hirata

Shabu-Shabu Spirit by Aki Isoyama

Keita meets his girlfriend’s family and her father tests to see whether this man is worthy of his daughter. Trying to reduce the distance between them, her mother prepares a single nabe (cooking pot) for the shabu-shabu meal. Japan | 11m

A Mile in These Hoovesby James BrylowskiCanada | Drama | 15m
Foster brothers, Mark and Tom set out on a mission to break the world record for Longest Distance Travelled in a Two-Person Costume. As they travel by foot from Toronto to Venice Beach, California in a two-person donkey costume, they will push their physical, mental and emotional limits to the test.
Addictusby Travis VermilyeUSA | Animation | 4m
An experimental animated 3D short film exploring themes of addiction, pain, need and the desire for that which, while pleasant at first, may come to harm us. We follow a fleshy creature in an aqueous environment.
Another Loveby Victor PerezUnited Kingdom | Drama | 19m
ANOTHER LOVE depicts the efforts to avoid a necessary separation. A pregnant married woman (Maria Ruiz) struggles to tell a much older man (Nigel Barber) that their affair is over. Soon this unnatural situation forces her to face the truth.
AwakeningsDirected by Bhargav SaikiaIndia | Horror | 13m
The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.
A Way OutDirected by Jason TostevinUSA | Horror | 14m
For aging gangster Vic, a ride with his upstart protege becomes a twisted game of cat and mouse when both killers discover the other has been keeping a deadly secret.
Bodiesby Travis DetwellerUSA | Comedy | 9m
A dark comedy about one kid in desperate need of a job.
Breakageby Steve ParysUSA | Drama | 12m
A friend’s enthusiasm about her new boyfriend causes Ally Kent to revisit her own relationship with Frank Brown, the love of her life.
The CartDirected by Patrik ErikssonPoland/Sweden | Horror | 6m
A girl is pushing a fish in a water filled cart across a dark plain. The cart is leaking, and mysterious beings are attracted to the struggle. What awaits in the abyss?
Chanceby Sara McDermott JainUSA | Drama | 10m
An accidental encounter between two exes at Grand Central station. Will it wind up being a chance for them to get back together, a chance for closure, or a chance for Jenna to be hurt all over again?
Dinner in Montpellierby Cory SantilliUSA | Drama | 13m
When Jolene finds a wallet in her dance studio she discovers that its owner may not be the man he appears to be.
Don't Be Afraid of Bearsby Jill JohnstonUSA | Animation | 3m
Reflection on childhood memories and fears motivated this animation to consider reciprocity of species and the beast within.
Dubai LoveScapeby ArkusUnited Arab Emirates Animation | 5m
A semi-fictional tale showcasing the adaptive nature of love which corresponds to the ever transforming city of Dubai.
EmirateDirected by Mouayed ZabtiaGermany/Libya | Horror | 33m
A young activist in the Libyan civil society who gets abducted, jailed, and tortured for talking on a TV channel about human rights in Libyan prisons.
EncubiertosDirected by Leo RodUSA | Horror | 6 min
Two detectives investigate a bizarre ritualistic killing.
End & Eternityby Yoomi KimUSA | Animation | 3m
Life feels slow at the age of nine. Time is regular, but it feels that it runs at different speeds. The desire for time-travel is common to all of us as humans.
Геля (Gelya)by Ksenia Zueva Russian Federation | Drama | 32m Gelya lives on the outskirts of town in a cramped apartment with her disabled mother. One day, fate sends her a chance to change everything and puts her a choice.
The Greater Imageby Benjamin HarmakerUSA | Drama | 18m
Pitted between the beliefs of his parents and his brother's marriage, Dan struggles between rejecting his best friend and remembering the greater image.
Hamilton Chroniclesby Skye DennisUSA | Drama | 19m
A $10 bill and the people and lives of those it encounters. A character study of both.
The Head CollectorDirected by Joseph D’UrsoUSA | Horror | 18 min
Those who sin must be saved from their sins.
The Holy Caveby Aleix MassotSpain | Comedy | 15m
The story of a high school boy that would do anything in order to get the girl that he truly loves --even if that means destroying the life he used to know.
IMPRESSION-XPS160by Tiyam Yabandeh JahroumiIran | Drama | 14m
A post-apocalyptic tale of a blind photographer who lives in a dark room with the memories of his wife and love.
Johnby Marguerite SternUSA | Drama | 17m
A fanciful relationship with a beautiful seeker leads a young man, John, down a dark and unexpected path. John is guided by a man who ostensibly tries to help him, yet requests of him devotion to a life which may result in the death of John’s world.
Knock, Knock...Directed by Anthony LundUSA | Horror | 3m
On a dark, stormy night, a brave little boy decides to find out who is knocking on his door... his closet door.
The Last Supperby Ali Molazadeh FarsangiIran | Documentary | 12m
A documentary about St. Andreas Church in the city of Kerman, Iran.
Life as a Canvasby Kayla MartineUSA | Comedy | 24m
Two women put together an End-Of-Summer Bucket List, complete with snake wrangling and serenades of bad '90s pop.
Love at First Sightby Mark PlayneUnited Kingdom | Drama | 14m
A heart warming story of a lonely young man's increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. A gentle film of hope and optimism.
Motherby Gregory G. AllenUSA | Drama | 11m
A young man lays dying, his anger, addiction, and resentment is forced to the surface as his mother displays the depths to which she'll go for the love of her child.
Murder?by Adam HallUSA | Comedy | 26m
A group of reality show "stars" are locked in a house to film the newest season of a Big Brother-esque reality show. Then they start dying. It's Big Brother meets Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None." Except funny.
Myanmar Year Zeroby Carole WilsonUSA | Documentary | 12m
An emotional journey into a country suddenly entering the modern world after being sealed off from the international community for 50 years.
Pale Creatures of the NightDirected by Tim TroemnerUSA | Horror | 20m Sam and Carrie just wanted to spend a quiet evening watching a marathon of horror films. However, something gets in the way of their plans.
REIby Gina HarasztiCanada | Drama | 15m
A depressed young woman who cannot bring herself to leave her apartment. She gradually loses contact not just with the outside world, but with reality itself.
Rangan 99by Fahimeh AghahasaniIran | Drama | 14m
An anti-war film about The Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988). Two soldiers on opposite sides find themselves sharing the horror of the conflict for a few hours and planting a seed of brotherhood.
Redemptive Good Willby Nathan GadsdenUSA | Drama | 28m
An estranged father tries to reconcile with his three daughters on the day of their mother's funeral after years of domestic violence.
La Tête De l'Emploi(The Right Person for the Job)by Wilfried MeanceFrance | Comedy | 8m
John, a recently unemployed 55-year old, waits feverishly for an interview with Remi. What he does not know is that Remi wants to end his work day quickly.
Roomiesby Daniel SouthwellUSA | Comedy | 5m
Confusion arises when Sally believes her new roommate is a vampire.
Roots and Allby Mason KiblerUSA* | Drama | 4m
We all love, we all deal with loss; and we all find any way we can to cope. A short film about love, loss and friendship.
Seagullsby Martin SmithUnited Kingdom | Drama | 14m
A young showman visits a new town and struggles to fit in. Seagulls follows him as he attempts to bond with a group of local boys. Explores how cultural bonds are deeply ingrained and are never far from the surface.

Smile, You're Dyingby Waseem al-SayedSyrian Arab RepublicDrama | 13m
The inner world of a photographer and his personal crises crash into a country experiencing exceptional circumstances. A structure that suggests multiple levels of reading and meditation.

Trick or Treatby Debbie StoneUSA | Animation | 5m
Mime, Mummy and Grim Reaper are trick-or-treaters working the neighborhood, filling their bags with candy. It's Halloween as usual until they come to the old house with no lights on.

Un Seul Corps (A Single Body)by Sotiris DounoukosFrance | Drama | 19m
Best friends David and Wani are saving to open their own butcher shop, but before they can realise their dream the arrival of a new worker tests the bonds of their friendship.