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Visit Lisbon, riding a Vespa Primavera automatic 125 cc scooter and enjoy the sun along the coast, see our monuments and the castles.

You can go to Sintra and Cascais in one day tour.

Our prices include the scooter, helmets and all taxes.

All our scooters are original Vespas and they are  full automatic. 

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1 to 2 days rentals:  55€ / day

3 to 6 days rentals:  50€ / day

 7 or more days rentals: 45€ /day

The day rental price is for a period of 24 hours and includes VAT, helmets and third party liability insurance.

Optional topcase or luggage rack: 5€ / day

About us

We are local guys in love with our town and we want to introduce you the best of it.

We provide you with the original 125cc  Vespa Primavera scooter with great tips to ride in the old town

This is the best way to feel the Lisbon vibe.


Rua de Santa Marta 72 A
1150 - 298 Lisboa

Opening hours

                                                                        17:00 - 18:00   (with reservation)

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