Lisa Yu 于丽秀


Apple, Pittsburgh

Research area: Crowdsourcing; Annotation; Online communities

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Crowdsourcing Innovation on the Web

How do we utilize ideas online to help people generate more creative ideas? How do we design collaboration structures enabling hundreds of thousands of people to solve problems collectively? These are the questions I investigate in this project.

Crowdsourcing Innovation within Organizations

Large organizations have employees working in different groups and divisions with different tasks and expertise. The goal of this project is to connect people through their ideas and create cross-group collaboration.

Creating Knowledge Sharing Community for Auto Mechanics

Vehicle repair can be challenging. Auto Mechanics often need help during diagnosis. Creating a community for mechanics to share knowledge and help each other is the goal of this project.

Building Emergency Bots

The Emergency bot will be able to process emergency calls, including collecting and making sense of information from multiple relevant sources, conducting conversations with callers, and providing help.