Policies & Rates

Violin Studio Tuition for Sept 2019 - June 2020.

Studio members register for the entire school year. The 10-month program includes 34 individual lessons, Suzuki group lessons or the chamber music program, guest clinicians, administration, ensemble music, some materials, outreach recitals, the annual holiday gig, two formal solo recitals with practice performances beforehand, venue rentals, professional piano accompaniment with rehearsals, group graduation recitals, and support over email or phone when you need it. Additionally, students who want to continue the following year take at least three summer lessons between mid June and early September.

Tuition rates for full studio program, Sept-June:

30 minute lessons: $2100/ year

45 minute lessons: $2750/year

60 minute lessons: $3400/year

60 minutes shared between two siblings: $4000/year

75 minutes shared between two siblings: $4500/year

Violin studio WITHOUT chamber/group lessons, Sept-June for experienced students age 14+ only.

45 minute lessons: $2500/year

60 minute lessons: $3100/year

Single lesson prices for studio members. Applies to summer lessons and extra lessons. If you take 2 or fewer summer lessons, you need to pay the drop-in rate for single lessons (see below).

30 min $44

45 min $64

60 min $80

75 min (shared between two siblings) $100

Drop-in lesson rates are for teenage or adult violin/viola students who aren't in the studio program and want only occasional lessons. Five-lesson packages are scheduled in advance and taken within a period of three months. More details here.

30 min $50; four 30 min lessons for $190

45 min $70; four 45 min lessons for $265

60 min $90; four 60 min lessons for $335

How to pay

  • Studio members register for the year in August and secure their place with a one-month tuition deposit for September. After that, pay monthly, or quarterly (Oct/Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb/Mar, Apr/May/June).
  • I accept checks for quarterly payments. If you want to pay monthly or for drop-in lessons, please arrange to pay electronically with PayPal, Venmo, or Google Pay.
  • For a missed or forgotten payment, there is a five-day grace period, then a $15 late fee.

The "no makeup policy." When you sign up for lessons, you are paying for a time in my schedule. If you miss your lesson, the time is over and gone. Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime are all great options for days when you or someone at your house is sick, but you're still up for a lesson. Video conference lessons also come in handy if you have a transportation/logistics challenge and can't make it in person.

Re-schedules. I know that life happens, so I like to provide a little wiggle room for you by allowing you to re-schedule into other open slots once a year each for illness and schedule conflicts. Illness: if you’re too sick to Skype, I will make it a priority to fit you in to another open space in my schedule, but it must be done within two weeks of your absence. Schedule Conflicts: You may request to reschedule one lesson per school year for any schedule conflict (travel, other activity, etc.), but please give me at least 48 hours of notice. I can't guarantee that my open spots will match your schedule. If you find yourself having more schedule conflicts than this, you may approach another family and ask them if they'd be willing to trade times with you. If you have an extended illness or family emergency/situation, I will work something out with you.

Sick Policy. Wash hands with soap and water immediately before playing the violin. If you are in the miserable, contagious phase of a cold, please don't come! Skype your lesson! Parents, that includes you - you can drop your child off if you're sick but they're healthy. If anyone in your house has had a high fever or stomach virus in the past 48 hours, I don't want to see you in person so we will Skype even if you think you're all better. Stomach viruses in particular can be contagious for several days after symptoms go away.

Teacher Absences. I rarely miss lessons. If I'm a bit under the weather, I'll typically teach over Skype; I'll also do this if my child is sick. If I do miss a lesson, I'll re-schedule it a mutually convenient time. I have also reserved June 16-20, 2020, for makeups for teacher absences.

Withdrawing from the studio. If you are moving and need to leave my studio, I assume you will let me know in advance. If you withdraw for any other reason mid-year, one month of tuition is due after the last lesson so I have time to fill the spot.