Studio Pledges

Lisa Toner Studio

Student Pledge 2019-2020

___ I understand that studying the violin is a special privilege given to me by my parents and by Lisa.

___ I will remain open, respectful, and willing to try new things.

___ I understand that improvement involves repeating things over and over again.

___ I know that I will get the best results if I practice 5 - 7 days a week. If I practice 3 or fewer times, Lisa will give the same lesson as last week and I won’t get new material.

___ I will listen to the music I’m learning daily, as well as other classical music, because it makes learning much easier.

___ I promise to work continuously on using a free and easy body balance, because my playing and whole life will be better for it!

__ I understand that my violin is a valuable, fragile instrument. I will handle it with clean hands, not touch the bow hair, and protect it from extreme temperatures. I will re-hair my bow and get new strings at least once per year.

__ I promise to clip my nails regularly so I can play with ease and accuracy. If I need to borrow Lisa’s nail clippers during the lesson more than a few times, I have to pay a $1 charge!

__ I will bring my lesson notebook to every lesson and use the practice notes at home.

__ If I need to have a snack at Lisa’s house, I will keep it neat!

___ I will attend at least one live, professional-level classical concert each year.

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Participation Pledge for Parents/Students


___ We will read the Monday announcement emails to stay up to date on studio events.

___ We will attend all lessons and group classes scheduled from September to June.

__ We understand that violin is high-commitment, year-round activity with complex scheduling and that it may be difficult to switch lesson times mid-year.

___ We understand the attendance policy.

___ In the event of a missed individual or group lesson, we promise to call, text or email as soon as possible.

___ We will arrive a few minutes early to wash hands and unpack, so as to make the most of the lesson time.

___ If we bring siblings, we will make sure they can entertain themselves quietly.

Group Classes:

___ We understand that group class/chamber music is an integral part of Suzuki music study. We will mark our calendars and make it a point to attend all the group classes.

___ In the event of a missed class, we promise to call or email as soon as possible.

___ We commit to arriving on time and remaining for the duration of the class.

___ I may drop my child off for group if they are old enough to attend alone. At pickup, I will re-enter the building and pick up my child so that Lisa knows everyone made it safely home.

Rehearsals, Recitals, and Concerts:

___ We commit to attending all the rehearsals, recitals, and concerts that we are involved in. We will arrive on time and remain for the whole duration of the performances.

Teacher Absences:

___ We understand that if Lisa has an unexpected absence she will:

  • Schedule a makeup at a mutually convenient time
  • or, give a lesson during the June 16-17 makeup period.
  • If she has a serious interruption teaching resulting in multiple cancellations, she will work things out with us to arrive at a fair makeup or tuition credit solution.

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