Lesson & Group Class Overview

Individual lessons happen weekly at my home studio in Wedgwood. It's a packed but inspiring session, tailored to your unique needs. I work on alignment, movement quality, bow exercises, left hand technique, tone and intonation, scales, review familiar pieces, and introduce new repertoire--often all in one lesson! I send you home with clear assignments for optimal progress. As important as the lesson is, learning a skill such as violin involves consistent, mindful repetition. You make the bulk of the improvement during your home practices!

Group Lessons are an integral part of your music experience! Playing music with others is energizing, develops musicianship, and fosters community. Many teaching topics are better covered in a group: recital preparation, music theory, review, holiday music, fiddle music, chamber pieces, performance practice, etc.

I've developed a range of group classes that fit my students' ages, interests, schedules, and abilities. Pre-school and elementary aged students participate in a year-round Suzuki group class 2-3 times per month on Tuesdays at 5:30-6:15. There are two different levels (beginner and intermediate), meaning you'll come every other Tuesday. Middle school and high school students participate in the winter chamber music program. For students 14 and up, group/chamber is optional, but I encourage them to be in an ensemble of some kind.