Recitals, Workshops, Etc.

We are fortunate to have the wonderful Good Shepherd Center for our formal solo recitals:

2018-2019 performance, dress rehearsal, & workshop dates

  • Tuesday, October 16: Medieval/Renaissance music workshop with Shula Kleinerman at Concordia Lutheran School
  • Tuesday, November 27: dress rehearsal for holiday performance @ U Heights Room 209
  • Saturday, December 1: holiday performance at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park
  • Tuesday, January 29: Rehearsals with accompanist for solo recital @ U Heights Room 209
  • Saturday, February 2: formal recital at Good Shepherd Center Chapel, around 1:00.
  • Friday, April 26: Rehearsals with accompanist for solo recital @ U Heights Room 108
  • Saturday, May 4: formal recital at Good Shepherd Center Chapel, around 1:00.
  • Fall/Winter 2018: Book 2 and 3 graduation recitals
  • Spring 2019: Book 1 graduation recital

How to choose a recital piece

For solo performances, we choose a memorized, polished piece 6-8 weeks before the recital. Typically, students don't perform their newest piece, but instead choose something that they can play with ease.


I require students to rehearse with the accompanist before performing so they can have the best possible experience onstage. Professional piano accompaniment is included in tuition. Our accompanist is Allyson Kramer. In the week before a solo recitals, I schedule a 4-hour block of rehearsal times so you can practice with Allyson. Your rehearsal time will be an appropriate length for your repertoire and playing level. This is included in your tuition. If you can't make it to the rehearsal schedule, you can arrange to rehearse with Allyson in her studio in West Seattle, but you must pay for these extra rehearsals.

Book Graduation

When you finish a Suzuki book, you perform a book graduation recital. Often, I group students together and they perform a joint graduation recital.

When you finish Books 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10, you submit a graduation recording to SAWS (Suzuki Association of Washington State). Deadline: June 1. Graduation awards ceremony is the second weekend of October.

Outside Opportunities

  • Everyone should take part in one supplementary musical event per year outside of my studio and their school music program: contests, festivals, camps, Suzuki Institutes, workshops,
  • Suzuki Fall festival, second weekend of October:
  • Japan-Seattle Suzuki Institute, second week of August:
  • Solo & Ensemble: encouraged for all students grade 6 and up. Sign up through your public school music program. You will hire an accompanist and rehearse at least once beforehand.
  • All-State Auditions: encouraged for grades 7-12. Submit your recording online October 1. Talk to your public school music teacher.
  • Seattle Young Artists Music Festival: A serious commitment for advanced students grades 5-12. You need to have studied with me for at least one year and should be practicing at least an hour daily. You will hire a professional accompanist and rehearse at least twice beforehand and perform your piece(s) at least once before the festival.
  • Plan to attend one live, professional-quality classical concert per year.