Lessons & Group Classes

Individual lessons happen weekly at my home studio in Wedgwood. I try to balance breadth and depth. In most lessons, we work on body balance, left hand technique, bow technique, scales, tonalization, review pieces, your current piece, and reading.

Group Class is an integral part of your music experience. It is just as important as your individual lesson! When we play music with other people, we create a sound larger and more beautiful than our own. In doing so, we cooperate, listen, and grow in sensitivity and sympathy. Plus, it’s fun! Students love the social aspect of playing music with others, and it’s motivating for them to play music with their peers and build community. Additionally, there are many teaching topics that are more effectively covered in a group: recital information, music theory, review, holiday music, fiddle music, chamber pieces, performance practice, etc.

I separate students into small group classes of 4-6 students per class, and have all-studio group meetings a few times per year. Group classes meet on Tuesdays. Book 1-2 and Chamber meet back to back one week at Concordia Lutheran school (directions emailed when you join the studio), and the beginner group and string quartet meets the alternating weeks at my house and at a student's home. Group class sections are:

  • Twinkle/foundations class: for young transfer students and new beginners.
  • Book 1-2 class, focusing on developing technique, ensemble skills, basic reading, and repertoire from Books 1 and 2.
  • Chamber Class, for students in Books 3-4, viola, and cello. We will include some work on more advanced technique, performance skills, and Suzuki repertoire, but a major focus of the class will be to prepare several chamber music works for performance during the year.
  • String Quartet, for high school students. Focus on advanced ensemble playing, performance skill, score study, and intermediate level quartet repertoire.