Tuition and Attendance

The "no makeup policy"

When you sign up for my studio, you are reserving a weekly time slot. If you miss your lesson or class, the time is over and gone. So, the more lessons and events you come to, the better value you get for your tuition dollar. That said, I realize that life happens. If you’re too sick to Skype, I will make it a priority to fit you in to another cancellation. You may request to re-schedule one lesson per year any schedule conflict (travel, other activity, etc.), but I need advance notice and cannot guarantee that potential cancellations and trades will work for your schedule. Finally, if you have an extended illness or family emergency/situation, we will definitely work something out!

Teacher Absences

I rarely miss lessons, but now that I have a little one I’ve scheduled 35 lessons and am only billing for 34 so that I have some wiggle room to cancel a day of lessons without the stress of scheduling makeups. If I'm a bit under the weather, I'll typically teach over Skype; I'll also do this if my child is sick and I don't feel comfortable having students come over. If, somehow, I manage not to miss any lessons, we’ll have a week of master classes June 10-14, 2019 instead of normal lessons! If I miss a second lesson, I have reserved the week of June 17-19, 2019 for makeups. In the unlikely event that I miss a third lesson, I’ll work things out case-by-case to provide a makeup lesson or tuition credits.

Sick Policy

Wash hands with soap and water immediately before playing the violin - at home and at your lesson. If anyone in your house has had a high fever or stomach virus in the past 48 hours, we will Skype. Please install Skype on your computer in advance so you can log in easily.

Withdrawing from the Studio

If you are moving, I assume you will let me know well in advance. If you withdraw for any other reason mid-year, one month of tuition is due after the last lesson.


Tuition is an all-inclusive flat monthly fee for the whole school year, which includes:

  • 34 private lessons during the school year - I’m scheduling 35 but billing for 34 to allow myself some wiggle room.
  • Group lessons, chamber music coaching, and group class facility rentals
  • Administration and some materials
  • Performance opportunities: informal recitals, holiday performance, solo recitals, venue rentals, piano accompaniment with a 10-15 minute rehearsal, group graduation recitals.

How to pay

  • Consider paying quarterly to simplify your bookkeeping and mine! Fall quarter is four months and winter/spring are each three months.
  • I can accept check (to “Lisa Toner”), cash, Venmo, or PayPal. I have to add a 3% transaction fee for PayPal transactions. I have a locking mailbox for mailed or dropped off checks.
  • For a missed or forgotten payment, there is a five-day grace period, then a $15 late fee.


30 minute lessons: $190/month

45 minute lessons: $250/month

60 minute lessons: $330/month

60 minutes shared between two siblings: $350/month

75 minutes shared between two siblings: $420/month