About the Suzuki Method of Talent Education

I find the Suzuki Method to be a wonderful, life-giving teaching philosophy! Its core principles include...

  • A strong belief that talent is not inborn; rather, it is developed in a supportive environment through focused work and high-quality repetition.
  • Students are immersed in music through repeated listening to the recordings; they learn to play by ear at first and read music a bit later.
  • Students typically start lessons at a young age - however, I've started many older beginners successfully!
  • Parental involvement and support is crucial, especially during the beginning stages of study. Music becomes a way you spend quality, intentional time with your child.
  • Students have both individual and group lessons.
  • A high value of character development. I don't just want my students to learn music; I want them to become more compassionate, cooperative, hard-working people.
  • A sequential repertoire that all students learn and continuously review. The early Suzuki pieces, when studied correctly, contain most of the technique you need to play the violin well. I incorporate scales from the beginning and add selected etudes in when students are playing at an intermediate level.


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