Chamber Music Program

for middle and high school students

Chamber Music Program

I saw that my advancing students loved chamber music and wanted a fun, challenging ensemble playing experience, on a weeknight, in the NE Seattle area, that wouldn't conflict with fall and spring sports. This is my answer! The chamber music program runs from late November to March 7. We'll work on sight-reading, ensemble playing skills, cueing, and teamwork in each rehearsal. For students who are in my studio program, tuition already includes chamber music. For students who don't study with me privately, the tuition is $300 or $350 depending on group size.

There are four groups:

1. a high school quartet that meets on Tuesdays

2. Two middle school ensembles (violin, viola, and cello), one on Mondays and another on Thursdays. I'd add another violinist and cellist to the Monday group.

3. A class for elementary school age violinists around a mid-Book 2 level, which meets every other Tuesday 5:30-6:15 for the whole school year. Currently there are only two violinists. We want some more violinists to keep them company! We'd consider taking on a cellist or violist too! Class is $25 for a single class or $20 per class for 4 or more classes.

Chamber Program Highlights:

  • Week of November 18: rehearsals begin. No rehearsals during Thanksgiving week, Winter Break, or Midwinter break. Exact schedule will be sent to groups individually.
  • In late February, we'll have a workshop with Karen Iglitzin, former first violinist of the Philadelphia string quartet, a longtime Seattle chamber music coach, and founder of Chamber Music Madness.
  • Wed or Thurs, March 3: dress rehearsal/concert @ Merrill Gardens Retirement Home near U-Village
  • possible extra rehearsals leading up to the final concert, at Lisa and the group's discretion
  • Saturday, March 7: chamber recital @ Good Shepherd, 1:30 PM. Ample time for run-throughs onstage beforehand.
  • It's optional, but if any students would like to continue on with a group in the spring, I am happy to arrange it!