Study the Alexander Technique with Lisa

Current Teaching Schedule:

Monday Music Teachers' Group Class. We will meet about two Mondays per month at 2:00 PM for an hour of Alexander Technique, body mapping and functional anatomy training, and discussion about how to integrate these ideas into your playing and teaching. Bring your instrument and questions! Experienced AT students and newcomers alike are welcome.

2020 winter quarter group dates: January 13, January 27, February 10, February 24, March 16

Rates: $20 for a single class, $80 for the series.

Individual lessons, by appointment. I'm most available in the morning or early afternoon. Some evening times may be available. The first individual lesson is 45 minutes, and subsequent lessons are 30 minutes. You can use individual lessons for any activity: sitting at a desk more comfortably, improving the quality of your movement in sports, performing arts, and for recovering from injury or chronic pain. Note: I'm not a medical professional, and and Alexander Technique is an educational method, not a medical therapy. If you're injured, please get great PT/chiro/massage/etc. However, I can help you be a much more effective PT patient or change patterns that may be causing pain! The Technique has been incredibly helpful for my own process of working through overuse problems and changing many movement patterns.

Rates: $40 for a single lesson, or $100 for three lessons used within 2 months.

Workshops and presentations

I'd love to work with your group: music students, performing artists, rock climbers, athletes, etc! Contact me for availability and to customize your workshop.