Client: Oxygen Exp | Seattle, WA

Oxygen helps enterprise and mid-sized companies drive growth through sales enablement and workplace learning programs.

Letter of Recommendation

Supported Front-end Development

Guided website design around messaging and CTAs to increase opt-in rates. Provided guidance toward design of mega menu + footer. Worked with executive team around menu structure naming nomenclature and SEO best practices.

Launched Webinar Program

Developed framework, messaging, playbook and managed production of newly introduced webinar program that built brand credibility and brought more prospects into organization's nurture campaigns.

  • Increased leads around targeted personas

  • Provided platform to showcase client thought leadership

  • Built brand power to directly target audience

  • Developed website registration/post-event UX

Interviews to Develop Customer Stories

Interviewed enterprise clients via video that captured customer experiences and feedback leading to higher client engagement and management.

Developed Website Naming Structure

Constructed keyword, and streamlined, optimized website URL structure that would pair with other keyword optimization targets for each page.

Migrated & Established CRM/CMS

Developed framework to source, purchase and migrate Oxygen's former simple CRM to a new robust CRM and CMS platform. Managed database cleanse, segmentation, testing, lead scoring, journey mapping, nurture campaigns and executive team on-boarding.

Ignited Social Media Program

Clients previous social media program had been put on hold. Launched social media content focused on customer personas that was helpful and taught value bite-sized lessons in learning and development for enterprise organizations. Significantly increased followers and engagement during management period.

Created Marketing Journey Map Created 15 month integrated marketing campaigns that aligned with buyer's journey to educate client's content marketing program

Developed Buyer's Journey Developed buyer's journey to educate marketing automation and personalization and identified roles to target in the sales process.

Email Marketing: Here are samples from a few email campaigns from webinar, monthly letter from CEO and holiday card.