Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer

Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer is an author of theology centric books that focus on spiritual formation. Fanelli-Greer is currently in the process of completing her MDiv (Master of Divinity) with the Evangelical Seminary.


Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer is an accomplished academic with a focus in theology and religious studies. She currently maintains her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English, Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.), and Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (M.A.).

Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer has set intention to attend Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in the Fall of 2022. In this pursuit, Fanelli-Greer will enroll in a program to receive her Master of Theology (Th.M degree). Interested in furthering her career in the church as a Spiritual Director, the theology academic is also currently pursuing a Certificate in Spiritual Formation from Columbia Theological Seminary.

Having studied theology both formally and informally at length, Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer certainly considers this pursuit to be a pillar of her identity. She continues to seek out further theological qualifications as her career in the church progresses. Still, Fanelli-Greer finds that it is her connection to God and her work in the church where she truly learns the most. She looks forward to a lifelong dedication and commitment to the church and hopes to make a positive impact as a Spiritual Director for years to come.

Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer is a published author whose works focus on faith, religion and themes within theology. She is best known for her spiritual formation writing, which has primarily been published and distributed by Xulon Press. Fanelli-Greer has authored The Preparation Realm of Heaven and The Bride Awake: Igniting the Power of Holy Desire; as well as co-authored So You Want to Change the World (published by Destiny Image with contributions from various faith and religion authors).