The Writing Palette

A writer's palette are the pens, paper, and platform through which are painted our human foibles.

About Me

I speak out sharply when I should be silent because I run my words over one another until they become weapons. As a professional educator, writing contemporary curriculum is the same as breathing. As a teacher of teenagers, writing mythologically inspired prose has become my passion. As an outspoken poet, writing words that will stab injustice and open minds to new thoughts is as necessary as breathing.

Professional BIO

Lisa M. Kendrick has been teaching high school English for twenty-five years; publishes a high school literary magazine; writes curriculum, young adult fiction and poetry; and performs spoken word in her spare time. She attends a professional poetry studio at The Muse Writing Center, and has most recently been published in Sister Stories, Red Weather, Moonstone Press, River River, Awakened Voices, and Appalachian Heritage.

Author Resume

Skills (minimum of ten years experience per skill)

Teaching English and Creative Wiring

Copy Editing

Ghost Writing

Basic Graphic Design

Writing Workshop Coordinator

Published Poet

Forensic, Debate, and Drama Judge

Education (yearly certification requirements met)

(1990-1993) BA in Communications and Theater

from Mississippi State University

(1999-2001) Educational curriculum licensure work

from Old Dominion University

(2010-2012) Teaching English as a Second Language

licensure from Regent University

Relevant Qualifications and Training

  • (2016-present) Published Poet in River River, Writer’s Block, Moonstone Arts, Soundings, Perspectives I and II, Sister Stories, and Red Weather: two chapbooks published in 2018: Witch and Grafted.
  • (2016-present) over twenty Poetry Dramatic Performances for WHRO, The Venue, The Muse, and various local festivals
  • (2013) WHRO Online Education- a collaborator for English 11 curriculum
  • (2010-2018) Forensics Coach for state-winning Great Bridge High School team
  • (2010-present) Publisher of Great Bridge High School’s Bridgetown Scroll
  • (2008-present) Teacher at Great Bridge High School for grades 10-12: English, speech, communications, creative writing, and journalism
  • (2008-present) Virginia Teaching Licensure for Secondary Education in English, Speech, Communications, History, and English as a Second Language
  • (2006 and 2000) Theater Department Head, Ryan Academy in Norfolk, VA