Lionel Wilner

Economist, INSEE (Fiscal Policy and Welfare Programs)

CREST affiliate

Office: INSEE, 88 avenue Verdier, 92120 Montrouge

Research interests

Applied microeconomics (health economics, labor economics), Empirical IO (consumer behavior, dynamic pricing), Structural econometrics.


Les dynamiques individuelles de revenu salarial pendant la crise, with P. Pora, Économie et Statistique, 494-495-496, 191-212, 2017.

Worker-firm matching and the parenthood pay gap: Evidence from linked employer-employee data, Journal of Population Economics, 29(4), 991-1023, 2016.

Media coverage: BBC news, The Independent, The Times.

Do consumers correctly expect price reductions? Testing dynamic behavior, with P. Février, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 44(C), 25-40, 2016.

When does the stepping-stone work? Fixed-term contracts versus temporary agency work in changing economic conditions, with P. Givord, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 30(5), 787-805, 2015 [Online appendix].

Indices de prix à utilité constante et substitutions intermensuelles, with P. Sillard, Revue économique, 66(4), 755-768, 2015.

Constant utility index and inter-month substitution, with P. Sillard, Economics Bulletin, 35(3), 1772-1781, 2015.

Intertemporal price discrimination in infinite horizon, Economics Letters, 122(2), 358-361, 2014.

Working papers

A structural model of hospital competition, with P. Choné.

Estimating the Gains (and Losses) of Revenue Management, with X. D'Haultfœuille, P. Février and A. Wang. WP INSEE 2012/13.

Campaign spending and legislative election outcomes: Exploiting the French political financing reforms of the mid-1990s, with A. François and M. Visser. WP CESifo 6232, WP CREST 2016-28.

Heterogeneous exposure to labor earnings risk, with P. Pora, WP INSEE F1802.

Introducing activity-based payment in the hospital industry: Evidence from French data, with P. Choné and E. Yilmaz, WP CESifo 4304, WP INSEE 2013/11.

Intertemporal pricing with unobserved consumer arrival times, with P. Choné and R. de Nijs. WP CREST 2012-23.


Referee for American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Economics Bulletin, Health Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics, Annales d'Économie et de Statistique, Économie et Statistique, Revue économique.

Certificate of excellence in reviewing, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2015.

Seminars: Columbia University (IO Colloquium 2008), CREST-LEI (2008, 2009, 2010(*2), 2012(*2), 2014(*2)), CREST-LMI (2009, 2017), INSEE (DEE 2009, 2011, 2013, 2018, DSDS 2014, Inégalités 2015), Paris School of Economics (TOM 2012).

Workshops: 5th French Econometrics Conference (Toulouse 2013), 14th CEPR Applied IO (Bologna 2013), CREST-Ecole polytechnique micro workshop (Palaiseau 2012).

Conferences: ASSET (Evora 2011), EALE (Tallinn 2009, SOLE Montreal 2015), EARIE (Istanbul 2010, Rome 2012, Milan 2014), Econometric Society meetings (World Congress Shanghai 2010, ESEM Oslo 2011, Malaga 2012, Gothenburg 2013, Toulouse 2014, Winter meeting Madrid 2014, AMES Kyoto 2016), EEA (Barcelona 2009, Glasgow 2010, Gothenburg 2013, Toulouse 2014, Mannheim 2015), IAAE (London 2014), IIOC (Vancouver 2010), JMA (Dijon 2009, Clermont-Ferrand 2014).

Non academic publications (in French):

  • Les évolutions annuelles de revenu salarial le long de l’échelle salariale, with P. Pora, in Emploi, chômage, revenus du travail, collection Insee Références, 2016.
  • En 2013, le salaire net moyen baisse de 0,3% en euros constants, with H. Chaput and C. Pinel, Insee Première 1565, 2015.
  • En 2012, le salaire net moyen baisse de 0,4% en euros constants, with C. Pinel, Insee Première 1528, 2014.
  • La baisse des inégalités de revenu salarial marque une pause pendant la crise, with É. Coudin, B. Marc and P. Pora, in France Portrait Social, collection Insee Références, 2014.
  • Réforme du financement des hôpitaux publics : quel impact sur leur niveau d’activité ?, with P. Choné, F. Evain and E. Yilmaz, Insee Analyses 15, Études et résultats 862, 2014.
  • Tarification à l’activité et concurrence non tarifaire, with P. Choné, F. Evain and E. Yilmaz, in Le panorama des établissements de santé, collection Études et statistiques, Drees, 2013.
  • Les effets concurrentiels de la réforme du financement des hôpitaux publics, with P. Choné, in La lettre du CREST 92, 2013.
  • Mobilités professionnelles et formation continue, with P. Givord, in Rapport 90 du Conseil d’Analyse Économique (CAE) "Les mobilités des salariés" by M. Lemoine and É. Wasmer, 2010.