Moved to free hosting and am severely limited. I'm likely not going to rebuild the site to its former glory... I'll put some useful information here along with the parody.

Other than that... what exactly IS new in Linn County?

The Linn County Forum was actually thriving at one time!

-- and now it's dead...

Jayhawk Inn is now Garrett's BBQ.

It's pretty good, you should stop in for a bite!

Everybody's Restaurant in Mound City finally got their pizza oven. It will be familiar for those who remember Opie's Pizza in Pleasanton and Ft. Scott. There are rumors of delivery, nah!

There's a huge Casey's General in Pleasanton and a rather large one in Mound City... I don't go to LaTrine but once every few years, so I haven't a clue what they've got going on.