Linn County Solid Waste

You will be gouged as follows:

Up to 1000 lbs: $8

1001 - 2000 lbs: $15

$15 per additional ton (or portion of a ton?)

Loads of Clean Rubble will be accepted at one-half of the above listed fees. Since there is no such thing, expect to pay full price. What's going to happen is people will soon tire of being gouged in this manner and resort to even more roadside dumping than they already do! Roadside dumping is free, unless you get caught... I'm sure taxes still pay for the service as they have for decades now.

Jim Joe Bob - Solid Waste Coordinator

Joe Maloney - Another Solid Waste Coordinator

4067 Vernon Road, Prescott, Kansas

Prescott Transfer Station & Construction Debris Landfill

(913) 471-4631

For the most part, if you have a truck, drag it behind the vehicle until it is no longer there... disposed of!

Disposal Site Schedules: We're open until we close and we're closed until we open... use roadside dumping.

Household Hazardous Waste: Bombs and Bodies... that's what fields are for.

The Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility is located at the Noxious Weed Building (yes, a whole building for this!) and is open Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (if we feel like going in on that day)

Items that are accepted include: lead-based paint, dead bodies, latex paint, meth making chemicals, house and garden pesticides, waste oil (dump it in the well), batteries... these may also be dumped along side the road. Bodies in barrels should be dumped in fields. You may also take your lead-acid batteries to Wal*Mart, they'll throw them in this beautiful lake for you.


The following items may be recycled: plastic, sex toys, cardboard houses, used toilet paper (there's a whole 'nother side!), aluminum, porno magazines, babies (don’t place in plastic bags or other plastic wrappings, it causes them to bloat) and in cans with pets inside.

Disposal Site Schedules (I'd call before even loading up your trash, chances are, nobody is there!)