Paul Filla

Linn County Sheriff's Department

107 S. 4th

PO Box 350

Mound City, Kansas 66056

Non-Emergency Number :(913) 795-2666

Administrative & Information: (913) 795-2665


For Emergencies Only Call 911 - Don't call about gas prices or other stupid things... as a matter of fact, you might call another county altogether, perhaps Miami?

Fall Season is here and has the deer moving and also the poachers. Granted, a few of these people are just looking at deer and wildlife, others are there to blast that buck, not caring at all what's on the other side of that deer. If you see this activity going on call the Linn County Sheriff's Department (they're always looking for something to do) or just shoot the bastard... then call and report the body.

The author of this site does not condone the shooting of idiots, don't be an idiot

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