Fun Facts!

County Bird:Our County Bird! MosquitoCounty Animal: GoatCounty Abbreviation: LNCounty Flower: Bull ThistleCounty Quotes: "I didn't order your parts because I didn't want to pay shipping and taxes..." "We're open until we close and we're closed until we open" "You can't get there from here..." "That's pert'neer stupid!"

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Election Information: Register to vote! if you haven't already:

Check your registration status here:

Concealed Carry Classes - Call or email for a class. $100 per person or $150 for couples. Call Ward Goodison: 620-two-two-four-8601

Walking Trail Go for a walk on the new trail just South of the grade school in Mound City... but please, stop breaking the lights!

Congratulations to our re-elected sheriff Paul Filla is now the new HMFIC in our county... drop him an email!

Events Calendar: The Linn County site only has commish meetings, WIC Clinic, & immunizations on their calendar... Is this why people are moving away? Why are all the titles on their site "New Page 1"? The only events happen at the fair, click for theirevent calendar.

Acts of God: IRIS is now available in Linn County, KS. IRIS is the Immediate Response Information Service, sign up for this FREE service here!

NEW LANDFILL FEES: The Linn County Commission has voted to begin charging for landfill use. Effective September 8, 2009, get your wallet out because charges now apply to all Construction & Demolition Debris accepted at the Linn County Construction & Demolition Landfill. Read More!

That's Gross: Food UnFair! I recently bought some hot chocolate, some soup, and some syrup. Long story short, check your expiration date! The items I bought last week had expired in March 2007! Read/Discuss on Facebook

Worried about a tornado or other huge storm wiping you off the planet? NOAA provides this brochure to help save your sorry self... There are seminars at Bunker Hill in Mound City almost yearly on storm spotting, and what to do. Click HERE!

Swine Flu (aka H1N1 Influenza A) - Check the World Health Organization website.

It's here in Linn County and I'm not too worried about it... now Zika, that concerns me!

Guns & Hunting: Afraid that only criminals have a gun? Well, now you can tote a gun too! As long as you're not a felon... for $140 in fees and $100 for a lame safety course. Bring a mug shot of yourself and your fingerprints will also be taken, it's the same process as when you were last arrested. Of course, you will still be unarmed where criminals couldn't care less about the No Gun Zones, but that's what you get for being a law abiding citizen!

Click here for more information.

Speaking of killing things: Hunting & Fishing in Linn County

MONEY! File your taxes online for a quick refund (or a quick gouge by Uncle Sam). Need a job? Few people want one, but KansasWorks will help you try to find a job, even if only a temporary job.

Paola Office: (913) 294-4178

Pittsburg Office: (620) 231-4250

More offices in your area...

Their Website: