**The following is a fan project and is not funded by any video game company or film studio. I have not been paid for this work nor am I doing it for any financial gain. It's all for the love of the game! For any inquiries kindly reach out at domnero@gmail.com**

Hey! Listen! I made a ZELDA movie!

As a writer, video editor, and lifelong Nintendo fan, I've fantasized about what a LEGEND OF ZELDA movie would look like for years. Well...I made those dreams a reality recently, with a slew of video mashups, and a 40-page treatment that outlines a feature-length dark fantasy film called A LINK TO THE LOST AGE

The pitch? Three words: Old Man Link.

A LINK TO THE LOST AGE Story Treatment.pdf

Illustrations by my extremely talented brother, Vince Nero.

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA as an '80s Dark Fantasy Film

After watching a ton of 1980s sword and sorcery movies for my podcast (more on that below), I realized that there is no better genre to represent the brooding atmosphere and uninhibited imagination of the ZELDA games than the '80s Dark Fantasy movement.

So I took some of my favorites and mashed them together into the ZELDA movie (trailer) of my dreams!

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***I am not in any way affiliated with Nintendo or Universal Pictures. This project was done as a love letter for fans of the Zelda series and is not intended for profit or personal gain.***