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Code Monkey

Google Computer Science Education---Made with Code_Google---About CS First | Google CS First---Google CS First

Hopscotch: Learn to Code Creatively and Make Games on the App Store

Tynker | Coding for kids--Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. Tynker offers self-paced online courses for children to learn coding at home, as well as an engaging programming curriculum for schools.

Scratch--Scratch for coding

Tools - Mozilla Learning

TinyTap - Turn Moments Into Games

Kodable - A fun iPad app designed for younger kids that has them controlling fuzzballs to complete each level. Each level deals w/ a simple concept of programming and gets more advanced as they get higher.

Daisy the Dinosaur - A fun iPad app that teaches kids how to program and animate by dragging blocks together and watching Daisy preform the action.

Gamestar Mechanic - A nice site for teachers wanting to teach their students how to program games. This is done by reinforcing skills such as, problem solving, writing, storytelling, and more.

More Hardcore coding

Code Maven from Crunchzilla

Game Maven from Crunchzilla


Learn to Code HTML & CSS

MIT App Inventor | Explore MIT App Inventor

Code Monster - A fantastic very user friendly site that has students learn how to program Javascript by practicing in a side-by-side window and watching what happens as they type in commands.

Codecademy - A interactive site that helps students learn how to program in Javascript, PHP, Ruby, or Python by step by step instructions.

Programmr - A nice way to learn programming by solving coding exercises.

CodePlayer - A nice site to learn HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript through video walkthroughs.


Hour of Code Website and App Suggestions for K-8 | Ask a Tech Teacher

Teachers Chart Featuring Apps and Tools for Teaching Students Coding ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning