The LingoBingo site ( allows anyone to host a bingo game for free (!) which gives them live feedback on player progress. The game also has some special features that make it especially useful for language practice, can use pictures or text. In addition to including a variety of default sets, you can also import custom sets made on LingoLab.Online.

How does it work?

Below on the left is the host's screen with the cue, and on the right you can see the player's bingo board.

At the top of both screens you can see the current question number, and the number of players who have answered correctly & incorrectly. Below the cue on the host's screen is a list of all players, and a tally of their bingos and correct answers.

The host can click the 'End Game' button whenever they like, according to whatever winning criteria they have decided on (e.g. first bingo wins, or play until 5 people get bingo, etc). Ending the game leads to a ranking page displayed on both host & players' screens.

Host's Screen

The game host sees the target image to describe to the players. N.B. All the host's items are always included on all players' boards.

Players' Board

The players click the target picture/word described by the host.

How to Set Up a LingoBingoLive Game

Using the 'Displayed Cues' & 'Hidden Letters' Modes