Lindsay Laser Quit Smoking

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Laser is applied to meridian lines on ears, hands, face, knees and feet. Works even if you've smoked for years. Safe, relaxing and very effective.

Laser treatment is the application of a non-invasive laser beam to specific energy points on the body. The procedure targets meridian lines and offers a drug-free, effective solution to the problem of addiction. Laser therapy helps to promote the release of neurotransmitters like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, to help smokers deal with their withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking. The laser also stimulates the body’s natural ability to detoxify the nicotine, getting the ex-smoker through the withdrawal time more quickly.

During and following the treatment, most people feel a sense of relaxation, calm, euphoria, and well-being. Withdrawal symptoms, irritability, and cravings are reduced, and mood and concentration improved.

The therapist will educate and counsel you on techniques and tips on how to manage and overcome the psychological issues. They will discuss the differences between physical and psychological craving, how to break the habit, and what to expect at each point, in order to succeed as a non-smoker. They will offer full support and be available for any crisis. Nutritional supplements/support are included.

Process takes about an hour and costs $94. Gift Certificates available.