What can I do for you?

“..But with the gift of communication there are no boundaries to how we can influence and participate in the world around us. With a voice, we have the power to be who we are.”

Stephen Hawking.

Free initial telephone, email enquiries and advice to discuss your speech therapy needs.

Will therapy work?

Taking the decision to work with a private speech and language therapist is often a result of not seeing the progress in your child's communication you would like.

We will work together using the evidence available and my clinical experience to develop a package that works for you and your child. We will regularly review our aims and agree a way forward that continues to build on successes.

Can you help the difficulties my child has?

I offer individualised therapy to both preschool and school age children and teenagers.

Your child may experience some or all of these communication difficulties:

  • Attention and listening difficulties
  • Understanding language difficulties
  • Speech delay and disorders
  • Expressive language difficulties
  • Social communication disorders

and additionally may have difficulties with eating and drinking.

How will I know what to do to help my child?

You as parents are key to successful therapy.

As well as attending, watching and practicing the different games and techniques I will teach you, I aim to support you with written and/or videoed suggestions for continuing work with your child between sessions.

Do you work with NHS therapists and other professionals?

Communication is what our profession is all about! Both NHS and independent therapists work hard to ensure we can support you to develop your child's potential to its best.

With your permission I will liaise with NHS SLT's and other health and education professionals as appropriate. It is this aspect of support that families frequently value. Children with more complex needs often have many professionals involved with their care and parents will request advice on navigating the different services available for support.

Will you be able to work with the staff at my child's school?

If your child still requires therapy when they start school, I will work closely with teachers, SENCOs and assistants to ensure your child continues to be supported within school. There will be close liaison with you at all times.

I will always endeavour to arrange school visits on a day and time that is suitable to the teaching staff that allows them to observe and be involved with your child's therapy.

It may be that your child will continue to receive therapy at home in addition to, or in place of, support in school.

If requested, I can attend case discussions or Statement/EHCP Review Meetings about your child. I will liaise with teaching staff to contribute to the child’s individual learning plan or passport. I can contribute to the ECHP process.

Please contact me to discuss what speech and language therapy support your family and child need.

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