Healing Waters


Award-Winning Photographs Come to Life in "Healing Waters," the Linda Troeller Biopic, Premiering at New Jersey International Film Festival. This is also the directorial feature debut for Derek Johnson and Ali Scattergood. 

"Healing Waters," a new biographical film about acclaimed photographer Linda Troeller, will make its premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival. Directed by Derek Johnson and Ali Scattergood, the film tells the story of Troeller's life and career, focusing on her groundbreaking work documenting healing experiences in mineral springs and the female vision.

Troeller's powerful photographs have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide and published in numerous books and magazines. Her work is known for its raw and intimate portrayal of the human body and her dedication to showcasing the beauty and complexity of the human form through the female gaze.

In "Healing Waters," Troeller's photographs come to life as the film takes viewers through her life and work. From her early days as a student to living in New York City and her travels around the world photographing women from diverse cultures and backgrounds, the film provides a unique insight into Troeller's creative process and her passion for her art.

The film also explores Troeller's personal tragedy, including her own healing journey with water therapy and the progression of her career path. Through interviews with Troeller herself, as well as with friends, family, and colleagues, "Healing Waters" offers a powerful and intimate portrait of one of the most important female photographers of our time.

"We are thrilled to be premiering 'Healing Waters' at the New Jersey International Film Festival," said director Derek Johnson. "Linda Troeller's work has had a profound impact on the art world, and we are honored to be able to tell her story on the big screen."

"We hope that Linda's resilience and creativity will inspire audiences and will come away from the film with a deeper appreciation for the power of art to heal and transform," added director Ali Scattergood.

"Healing Waters" will premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival on June 10, 2023 at 5pm.. For more information, visit the festival website at www.njfilmfest.com and www.healingwatersfilm.com.

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Media Contact: Name: Derek Johnson, Email: derek@kaifilms.com  Phone: 206-769-1774

We invite you to attend the Premiere screening of Healing Waters Film on June 10th at 5PM. The director Derek Johnson, flying in from Seattle, and artist Linda Troeller will greet you when you arrive either by car at the building or at the train station.

Train from NYC,  1 hour

Take NJ transit train from Penn Station NYC to New Brunswick, NJ train stop. We suggest you take your train around 3:11 to 4:11 that gets you to the New Brunswick Station and walk several minutes to Voorhees Hall for my 5pm screening. 

Car information: Directions and Parking:

Voorhees Hall #105/Rutgers University, 71 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ = Take the NJ Turnpike to Exit 9 and then take Route 18N (New Brunswick direction) and go for 2 1/2 miles to the College Avenue Campus/George Street exit (immediately after the Route 27S exit). Make a left at the light at the end of the exit ramp onto George Street, then go to the next light and make a right onto Hamilton Street. Then go to the next light and make a right onto College Avenue. Almost immediately on your righthand side you’ll see a University Parking Lot (#9) which is made available for New Jersey Film Festival patrons to park in. Voorhees Hall is adjacent to the Zimmerli Art Museum and is 100 paces across the Voorhees Mall from Parking Lot 9. Patrons can also park in Rutgers Lots #1 (next to Kirkpatrick Chapel) and #16 (next to Murray and Milledoler Halls).