How to shoot

Shooting Sequence


  • Stand astride the line
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Feet, hips and shoulders in line with the target
  • Back straight in both planes
  • Bottom tucked in
  • Chest flat


  • Nock the arrow with the index fletch towards you.


  • Deep hook
  • Hold bow with relaxed grip and on start of pre-draw do not grip at all. Knuckles should be at a 45o angle.


  • Turn head to target
  • Raise both arms together
  • Keep shoulders level in a neutral position
  • Keep a straight line between draw elbow, string fingers and pressure point on the handle


  • Draw string back in a straight line to the anchor point
  • Resist pressure in the bow arm (not a push)
  • Keep bow shoulder in neutral position
  • Use arm muscles in the first half of the draw and the shoulder in the second half
  • Keep draw elbow level


  • Draw hand under mandible
  • String on tip of nose and front side go chin
  • Head remains straight


  • Focus on target face


  • Continue the draw using the shoulder unit
  • Feel the draw scapula move towards the opposite back pocket
  • Relax fingers to release string

Follow through

  • Keep posture and head still until arrow hits target
  • Let bow fall away - do not grip