Our beginners course consists of four lessons at a charge of £40.

The first taster lesson is £10, this covers the basic safety rules and equipment briefing before being instructed in shooting by a qualified coach using club equipment.

If you then decide to complete the training course the cost is a further £30 payable in advance for a further three lessons. At the start of lesson 2 you will be given your personal tab, bracer and finger sling which you get to keep.

Children are welcome from the age of 8 but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all sessions.

If you wish to continue shooting once you have completed the course you need to join the club. Please see the fees page for more details.

The beginners course takes place on Sunday afternoons at Yarborough Sports Centre during the winter (October to March) and at Washingborough playing field during the Summer (April to September)

Unfortunately we have a long waiting list for beginners and have had to suspend it.

We will announce when it reopens on the website and on our Facebook so follow us for updates!