About me

I am a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Stirling. I investigate cognitive, behavioural and emotional responses to uncertain situations, including information seeking, decision making, and counterfactual thinking in children and adults.

In my last postdoctoral research position, I worked with Professor Helen Dodd in the Children and Young People's Mental Health (ChYMe) Research Collaboration at the University of Exeter, investigating adventurous play as a mechanism for reducing risk of childhood anxiety. Please see the Projects page to learn more about my research.

I am an advocate of open scientific practices. I set up the University of Reading ReproducibiliTea journal club. You can find my OSF site here: https://osf.io/b4z2s/

When I am not working, I love having adventures - rock climbing, cycling, and packrafting, see below. I also enjoy more sedentary activities like knitting.