Visual Samples

Web Design

The Rights Stuff:

As the publication's founder I was also one of the first two web designers on staff, developing and implementing the theme, organization, and basic content for the website. We created the website using WordPress. I eventually found more staffers to assist in maintaining and changing elemements of the website but remained close to the project and oversaw the web design team in addition to all of my other duties in the Spring 2020 semester.

The Human Rights Center (HRC):

From 2018 to 2019 I developed the new website for the HRC I designed the site using the Open Berkeley platform, working within many of the platform's many design constraints. This process included not only designing the site but also re-designing based on feedback, re-organizing from the HRC's original site to make the new one more navigable, and transitioning most of the information, documents, etc. over to the new site.


Adobe Creative Suite

These are logo concepts for a restaurant located near my high school.
This was part of my final project for my high school graphic design class where I had to create a business and then create marketing, packaging, etc. for it.
This is a video of an event from CLAS's speaker series that I filmed and edited.
I produced this video as part of a series on graduate students who were awarded CLAS's Summer Field Research Grant.