What is Light Flight?

Light Flight is an effort by 6th Grade kids to add fun for foster kids using donations from you!

Our Mission

Hello! Light Flight is an initiative started by 6th graders to add fun to the lives of foster kids through donations from kind-hearted people like you. So, each of us have gathered our skills to make toys and crafts for them.

The Team!

Rishi Pampati


Hello! I am Rishi Pampati, a soon-to-be 6th grader and foam airplane creator! I enjoy creating fun little crafts for me and my family, and coding in Python. During this pandemic, I figured not everyone will be as blessed as us and I wanted to do something for others. That's when this idea of doing something for other kids with our unique skills sprung up.

Namit Suri


Hello! I am Namit Suri, a soon-to-be 6th grader that likes to code (HTML and Java) and make Geometric Origami. I see that there are many foster kids that need fun, so I decided to help make this initiative to help those in need of fun!

Sakshum Vij


Hello! I am Sakshum Vij, a soon-to-be 6th Grader. I like to play cricket and soccer, and enjoy folding origami. So I decided to help people in need of fun by using my skills to give them fun!

Sakhet Yalamanchili


Hello! I am Sakhet (Rishi) Yalamanchili, a soon-to-be 6th Grader. I like playing basketball and soccer, and enjoy making quality rubber band bracelets.