Latest version available is LifeTank 2015 version 12.1.0.

These screenshots show all of LTx tabs and they are categorized to show how it works. 47 LTx plugin Tabs

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LifeTank x Install Instructions

LifeTank 2015 The latest version 12.1.0

The only instructions i got was to: "compile LTEngine.vbp First".

Taken right from the old LifeTank site:

AC in game requirements:

You must: /unfilter -spellcasting

Program Requirements -- Make sure you have these downloaded and installed first

  • .NET 2.0 Framework -- should be in windows updates

  • MS Script 5.6 -- should be in windows updates

  • MS XML 4.0 -- should be in windows updates

  • Decal 3.0 ( -- download site

Install ALL the windows updates for you operating system

You must uninstall any previous versions of LifeTank x you have installed (before 11-9-9)

Through add remove programs on XP machines and Program and Features on Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8/10

Don’t for get to delete the LifeTankX folder in My Documents/documents also, windows may not delete it

if you are having trouble best thing to do is uninstall/delete and start over

The best way to get LifeTank2015 to work is to download lifetank X version 11-9-9 from Mega downloads

Or SourceForge.

Install lifetank to the default location:

Go into C:\Decal Plugins\LifeTank X and delete all the dll's

Then download the and put them 4 dll's in place of the ones you just deleted (LifeTankx dll's)

Now go to your My Documents folder for win XP, Documents for Vista, win 7 and win8/10 and delete the LifeTankX folder

Then download the and use it to replace the LifetankX folder you just deleted

NEXT you have to register the new dll's in your Lifetank install folder with decal You can learn to do that on the LTx Decal dll register page