Life Stress Reduction LSR

The dictionary definition of stress is “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” We all experience stress in life. Usually, we are able to endure the stressful circumstance and once clear of it we can process it out of our mental space thereby regaining our composure. If we are subjected to protracted or particularly intense stresses our ability to process the accumulation of stresses is reduced resulting in diminished ability to function normally. The result is what some call “Burn out”.

Life Stress Reduction begins with an interview to discover what areas of life the client wishes to improve. With the resultant information, a comprehensive plan is created to address those areas of interest. A variety of techniques are employed to address each area and may also include some Traumatic Incident Reduction techniques as appropriate.

Some of the areas that can be addresses with an LSR case plan include:

Difficulties in the workplace

Troubled relationships

Difficulties letting go of past relationships

Unwanted fears and emotions

Loss of a loved one

Addictive habits and behaviors

Self or Body image