About Karen

My Story

In 1993 I started my journey in becoming a family therapist at Kansas State University. It is there that I found my passion for working with those who had been abused or traumatized. I firmly believe with help and hard work, one can move past the trauma and emerge healthier, stronger, and more hopeful. I started a partnership with HeadStart in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where we conducted individual, couple and family therapy. I also conducted play therapy sessions with the children that were in need.

I continued my quest by pursuing and completing my Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Tech University. It was there I honed my skills for working with people who have been traumatized and added addiction and recovery to my specialties. I worked at an alcohol and drug treatment center first as a Family Therapist and then as a full-time Addiction Counselor and family liaison.

My life took a detour when I got married to a man with three boys and moved to Arlington, TX. It is there I opened my first private practice. I also worked for an insurance company where I specialized in EAP and triage services. I also worked in private practice with military, both active duty and veterans, and first responders. During my Texas years I added two girls to the family and my in-laws for a time. We then moved in 2013 to Missouri where we plan to stay put. That is where I created Lifemend LLC and am happy to be practicing therapy. I currently am also training practicum and intern students for the counseling program at Missouri Baptist University.